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List of Hero Counter Jungler Baxia Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has released many heroes that you can use to compete. Even with 8 Hero Counter Jungler Baxia Mobile Legends (ML), it will make it easier for you to fight meta heroes like this. Because with the disruption of farming time because of Baxia, of course, is very detrimental to us.

Of course, things like this will fall into the type of disturbing the enemy, it is quite annoying and we must be able to fight back. Putting up a fight like that will give you something much better and it won't be difficult for you to fight when you meet him.

Remember that Baxia Jungler in Mobile Legends is very strong and bothers you wholeheartedly when you are farming. Of course, that way we really have to be able to use Counter, although this is a little different when Baxia does use the original Build Tank.

Therefore, using 8 Hero Counter Jungler Baxia Mobile Legends (ML), will make it difficult for Baxia to disturb you. Because the Counter itself is a very strong Hero for Jungle, so the damage to Baxia also can't be stopped.

Hero Counter Jungler Baxia Mobile Legends (ML)


Lancelot's ability to give attacks to opponents is very high, even Lancelot when fighting Jungler Baxia is a trivial matter. Esportsku can say that Jungler Baxia is also not a big problem for Lancelot, because in the Early Game Lancelot has high Damage.

Whether to the Forest Monster or the opponent's Hero, it will certainly provide a fierce fight against the enemy. Even Lancelot himself has the Skill of weakening Defense, so you won't easily lose his Jungle either.

If you meet Baxia, make sure you focus on attacking Baxia first and ask your teammates for help. Because then Baxia won't be able to dare to approach you again, so we can farm more freely.


Then next time you can also use Gusion, you don't need to be afraid, because Baxia, who is a jungler, will definitely be afraid of this. Skill 2 Gusion if used at close range is very painful, even that is what makes this Hero really good for the Early Game.

So that Gusion himself was able to do farming quickly, maybe even Baxia came a little late. But if you really have to do a match, it's clear that Gusion will make you not have to worry about the buff being taken by Baxia later.

It's just that you also need help from friends, so you won't find it difficult to do farming against enemies. With your initial conditions, it will be easier and faster when doing this existing battle.


Jungler Helcurt if you get interference from Baxia, it's not a problem because the Early Champion is us. Helcurt is able to deal high damage in the early game, because it is in his 2nd skill so annoying opponents can lose.

Even Helcurt if you use it properly as a Hyper Jungler, it will definitely become stronger in that battle. But we have to keep an eye on the opponents we have to see what kind of attacks they will attack when they get close.

So that the use of Helcurt against Jungler Baxia is not difficult, because the Hero Tank before the Build was really weak. Attack 5 times and give Stack for Skill 2, see Damage will definitely make Baxia will retreat.


The king of Junglers and can do things very quickly, Baxia couldn't possibly get close to Hanzo because it was really impossible. This Hanzo's 1st skill eats the Jungle Monster, so the approaching opponent will not get anything at all.

Even Skill 1 has a fairly fast Cooldown, so Hanzo is able to use it again for Farming quickly. Baxia is indeed easy against Hanzo, but if you take One Buff then Baxia can't fight Hanzo directly. 

So that Jungler Baxia who tries to take or defeat him, can be immediately defeated when fighting him later. Pay attention to your opponents too, so that Hanzo stays safe in farming to become strong.


Even if Jungler Baxia met Dyrroth, it would definitely be a Feed because the defense at the beginning of the game was really lacking for him. Because if Dyrroth takes Skill 2 first, it will make Baxia difficult and counter when he becomes a jungler.

You will definitely use the Best Dyrroth Battle Spell , in order to improve your playing skills using Retribution well. Even that for that will make you invincible, even though not as a Hyper in the game.

But helping a friend and making Jungler Baxia a bag, of course Dyrroth is happy to do it. Because in the early game, the opponent's defense has weakened which will greatly affect the damage and subsequent attacks.


At the beginning of the game we can fight Jungler Baxia with Sun, especially if the intruder's position is disturbing Sun while Jungle. Surely something like this will make Baxia get high damage, because Passive and Sun's own attack is full to weaken the Defense.

If you really use Hero Sun properly and correctly, then the fight itself won't be very difficult for that. Jungler Baxia itself will become the food of the Suns who are disturbed because Jungle is relaxed when he is disturbed.

My advice from Esports is to try Tips on Using Hero Sun Mobile Legends , so that you won't have trouble fighting it later.


Whether being a Jungler or not, Masha is able to fight Jungler Baxia very easily when competing. Because Masha's ability depends on using Skill 1, it will make her stronger than before.

And Masha will give a much more painful attack, life steal and attack speed when her HP Bar is only 1. If something like Baxia bothers you, then just approach and fight at close range to make her not dare to approach.


If you understand Combo Hero Paquito Mobile Legends, surely fighting Jungler Baxia will indeed be very easy. Because it's good to help friends who are disturbed while being buffed, this will be very powerful and comfortable for Paquito in carrying out attacks.

Because Jungler Baxia only relies on Skill 2 during the Early Game or Riot at the beginning, it will definitely be with Paquito. The damage that Baxia will receive is indeed very large, it will be a strong influence for the Counter hero jungler easily.

Seeing and being interested in trying 8 Hero Counter Jungler Baxia Mobile Legends (ML), will make it less difficult for you to fight. As a jungler who is a bit of a nuisance, then we really have to kill Baxia when the game starts or when there's a riot.

Because there are several Strategies Against Baxia Jungler Mobile Legends , to make it easier for you to deal with it without any difficulty at all. But you have to be careful, so you don't become a feed or lose when you're fighting it.

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