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Light Games, Lots of Bonuses and Prizes!

Playing games is classified as an effective way to relieve boredom and stress. Just by playing the game regularly, you can get a lot of benefits. Apart from being entertaining, games can also improve brain performance, focus, and reflexes. Of the many genres, Casual games are among the popular games. The audience is very large and of various ages and backgrounds. One that has stolen the attention of gamers since its appearance is Money Plow Game.

Plow Money is a money-making game application and a variety of attractive prizes. Plow Money can be downloaded and played for free. This game is also easy to play. No wonder the Money Plow is one of the mobile games which many people like.

About Money Pirate Game You Need to Know

As the name implies, this 2D game gives you the opportunity to play as a pirate captain. Because you want to become a king of sea conquerors and the richest pirate among others, you must prepare the best tactics to get a lot of treasure. Before the game starts, you will get initial capital in the form of ships, robber bags, attacking troops, and defense troops.

You can increase weapon strength, defense, and loot. There are special items that can be purchased using game vouchers or top up through UniPin to make it easier for you to achieve the status of the strongest pirate. There is also a Gokil Banker item that functions to increase defense by warding off attacks for five hours. In fact, the number of attacking troops and defense guards can be added up to 100 points. In short, during that time when you are safe from other pirate attacks.

To get the chance to play Fortune Wheels, you can wait for Spin Gokil’s daily quota or it can be filled with bullets. You will also get a bonus login daily that helps meet all needs during play. You can also get rewards after completing daily missions.

Advantages of the Money Plow Game

how to play money plow game

Money Plow has gameplay simple and attractive with easy-to-understand interface pages. File Money Plow game small in size so that it is suitable to be played on almost all Android phones. The small file size is also very beneficial for you in maintaining the cellphone battery and memory capacity. To play this game, Download the game Plow Money and do the installation according to the instructions.

Considering the Money Plow has the concept of a spinning wheel, you have to collect a certain amount of coins to get a free gift or credit. Although it seems trivial, in fact it takes patience and luck to achieve the goal. You also need to choose the right special items to make sure the ship is always safe, cannot be attacked or robbed by other players.

This game that can be played by anyone and at any time as long as it is connected to the internet will be more exciting if you invite friends and family. The more people who are invited to play, the greater the chance for you to get the bonus. Later, the coins you invite friends can exchange for attractive prizes. Armed with luck and discipline you play every day, it’s not impossible that you won the main prize. Game Strategy tactics are also needed to increase the chances of getting more loot and defending against enemy attacks.

How to Play Money Plow Game?

download the money pirate game

How to play the game Plow Money very easy. After downloading the application, you must register by completing your name, active email, mobile number, year of birth, gender, and address. If you have referrals, available fields to enter username that invites you to play.

As a new player, you will get initial capital that can be used to attack or defend against other players’ attacks. How to play this game is quite simple, namely using a rotating wheel board. Touch the board to play it automatically. You will get several spin opportunities. The higher your level, the more spins you can use. When your spin runs out, you only need to wait for it to fill up for three minutes per one spin. If you want to get instant spins, then click on a video ad that is a few seconds long.

On the board there are several pictures that will affect the outcome of the round. When the spin stops at the cannon image, you’ll get an assault squad. If the spin stops at the shield image, you will get a defensive troop. Add attacking and defending troops through the menu Upgrades by buying coins in the Shop or credit transfer.

If the round stops at the RP sack image, then you can increase your wealth by robbing the pirates belonging to the enemy ship through the Upgrade menu. The picture of the pirate with the sword you can use to enter username up to ten times the chance to exchange points as much as 500 per usernames. If the spin stops at the left pirate head, it means you can swap username with other players’ property.

The ease of playing Plow Money makes you don’t have to rack your brain like playing adventure games, brain teasers, or simulations. Armed with a simple game with attractive prizes, Plow Money is one of the local games that has a high number of downloads. Supported by colorful pages, you will feel at home playing this game for a long time.

Top Up Game Tempat

top up game plow money

For those who like classic games that are light and can generate rupiah, you can try Plow Money. Only armed with an internet connection, you can play Plow Money anywhere. Collect loot and tons of coins to exchange for cash, credit or prizes. You can buy vouchers or top up games Money Plow via UniPin to add special items. UniPin provides a variety of digital products that can be purchased online on line easily, practically, and safely.

UniPin transaction payments can be made by a number of methods. Starting from depositing cash through banks, mobile banking, internet banking, mini Market, to online payment applications that work with UniPin. Thanks to UniPin, top up Money Plow games and other fun games can be played via mobile in a few clicks! What are you waiting for? Come on, play the Money Plow game right now!

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