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Light Game Full of Missions and Challenges

Played Gold Mine games become the favorite of many people. Not only young people, but also adults. Understandably, Gold Mine is listed as a game that can be played for free through mobile phones. The game developed by Game Nusantara is in demand because it is easy to play.

While many similar games are easy to find, Gold Mine provides even more bonuses and prizes. However, you have to play this game regularly so that the opportunity to get lots of coins is wide open. Not only that, compared to similar games, Gold Mine offers a more fun and challenging playing sensation.

Info About Gold Mine Game

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As is known, most people only play games for entertainment, not a few who make it a hobby that can make money. One of them is the Gold Mine. This game is intended to entertain and provide income for the players. As the name implies, the Gold Mine game lets you enjoy playing as a stone miner. Interestingly, you can mine a lot of stones and sell them at high prices in the market. Apart from mining for stones, there are many missions that can help you add coins.

Committed to continuous improvement and innovation, Dunia Game Nusantara presents the Gold Mine game that can be enjoyed by gamers throughout the country. Gold Mine is classified as a money-making game that can be transferred directly to the account. To play this game, all you have to do is look for a box filled with gold. Use the hoe to collect stars. The fun thing is, every day there are five events with attractive prizes.

What Are the Advantages of the Gold Mine Game?

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Similar to classic rock miner themed games, Gold Mine also has gameplay an attractive page with a simple interface that is easy to understand. Not unlike other games made by Dunia Game Nusantara, Gold Mine also provides the Robbery feature. That is, in addition to mining you can rob other players’ stones.

Gold Mine Games you can play on Android phones. Because the file size of this game is relatively small, you don’t need to worry about the capacity of your phone. Armed with a phone with only 1GB of RAM you can play Gold Mine without any problems. The small file size also makes the phone battery not run out easily. Very helpful for those of you who like playing games for a long time.

This online game can be played by anyone, without age restrictions. To make it more exciting, you can invite your family or friends to play together. The more people you play with, the bigger the bonus you can get. You can also get additional coins if you successfully complete daily missions and enter tournaments.

This classic casual game relies on tactics, intuition and luck. Tactics are needed to increase your chances of winning. While intuition is needed so that you can easily find the excavation site that produces a lot of stars. The luck factor also affects your success. Even so, the attitude of never giving up and diligently logging in is also another determining factor that you should not forget. In addition, the discipline to play every day will help you stay excited to add bonus stars and coins.

How to Play Gold Mine Game

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If you want to play this game, you can download game Gold Mine then register using email. Choose nickname which you will use as an identity while playing the game. Make sure that nickname It has not been used by other players. Next, write your name, email, and password. In addition to using email, you can register using a Facebook account.

After registration is complete, you can start playing right away. Each new player is given a hundred opportunities to mine gold. You can dig gold all over the place. One mine can generate many stars which can be collected to be exchanged for the main prize. Make sure you claim the Battle Pass every day to get a free bonus.

How to play Gold Mine easy and simple. You just need to use a hoe to dig gold all over the place. One quarry produces a varying number of stars, from one to four. However, not all land is classified as potential. It takes a strong intuition ability to guess strategic places so that you always get the maximum number of stars.

If the hoe quota runs out, you have to wait for some time. However, before the hoe quota is full, you can mine again. For example, during an hour’s break, ten hoes are collected. You can use this hoe to play. You can also do top up to speed up charging time or purchase available items. The items offered by the Gold Mine can increase your chances of getting lots of stars.

As previously explained, Gold Mine comes with an invite friends feature. You will get an unlimited invite bonus. So, don’t hesitate to invite anyone to play with you! Enjoy the fun of mining gold with mobile gifts every month. To increase your chances of winning the main prize, it is better to start mining right at the beginning of the month or when the tournament is being held.

Top Up Game Tempat

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For those of you who like light and productive game play, Gold Mine is highly recommended. Armed with internet quota, you can play and collect coins to be exchanged for credit or cellphones. Make a purchase vouchers or top up games Gold mine via UniPin. UniPin offers easy transactions on line safely, quickly, and friendly prices.

To make payment for your transactions easier, UniPin provides various payment methods, such as cash deposits through banks, Internet banking, mobile banking, mini market, and payment applications that work with UniPin. Thanks to UniPin, you don’t have to worry about doing it top up Gold Mine games and other games with internet connection! What are you waiting for? Come on, download and play Gold Mine game right now!

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