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LifeAfter Guide, A Guide to Surviving the World After the Virus Outbreak

Does the pandemic make you want to try survival games in a post-epidemic future world? LifeAfter can be an option. According to each LifeAfter guide, this game trains your instincts and survival skills in a world ravaged by zombie viruses. Available for Android devices and PC, LifeAfter can be an option if you want to test your strategy skills in a gloomy but challenging futuristic world.

Storyline LifeAfter

life after guide

In LifeAfter guide, You take on the role of a character who managed to survive after a virus attacked humanity and turned a large part of the population into hungry zombies. Your character and your dog have survived a car crash, and must reach the base where the plague survivors gather.

When your character reaches the base called Hope 101, you will get a piece of vacant land. Your mission is to build a house that is getting stronger and stronger and help your neighbors. You have to collect food, deal with bad weather, and occasionally fight zombies or even fellow humans.

You also have to collect materials to make weapons, even cook certain foods. LifeAfter guide also includes alliances with other players as a way of survival.

How to start playing LifeAfter for Beginners

life after emulator

Before October 2022, you need LifeAfter emulator like BlueStacks or MEmu to play games this on PC. However, the PC version of LifeAfter now released. You can now register and play it on Android, iOS, or Windows devices.

After registering, players start from level newbie with a variety of options to change the appearance. This is the first step so you can easily climb to the next level.

1. Choose the Right Dog

Each new character can choose a dog of a certain species as a pet. Don’t just pick a dog! Labrador is a suitable breed for beginners because you get two extra slots for storage. For the type, you can choose Search Dog which will pick up items dropped by other players, or Pack Dogs that can transport your goods.

2. Set Up Your Control Panel

Make your control panel comfortable to use. LifeAfter guide suggest zooming button Move and shrink buttons that are rarely used before sliding them to the corner. Do this through the Settings menu.

3. Finish All Newbie Quest quickly

Each new player must complete a beginner mission (Newbie Quest) which gives a lot rewards and help you level up. Complete it as quickly as possible so that you can grow stronger and be easily accepted in various groups.

4. Ensure Always “Full”

Don’t underestimate the power of food! Make sure your Fullness indicator is always full or at least almost full. If you are full, your movement speed as well as the ability to collect items will increase. Make sure you always have food supplies every time you enter games.

5. Pay Attention to Weather/Environmental Conditions

Play in LifeAfter requires you to be aware of your surroundings because it has an effect. Snow can make you cold and sick, and rain increases your risk of being struck by lightning. Mouth Swamp even has poisonous natural gas. Be sure to read the characteristics of each area before exploring.

LifeAfter Guide: Recommended Food Recipes

life after recipe

Talking about the importance of food, recipe LifeAfter must pay attention. Each recipe not only fills your HP, but also gives you different abilities. You can also sell recipes to earn money. Foodstuffs such as various types of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and mushrooms can be obtained in various locations.

Here are some sample recipes and their effects for you:

1. Triggerfish

This fish type dish is simple but gives you extra speed to collect items.

2. Cute Rice Ball

Cute rice ball made of two items rice, seasoning, and carrot. Can speed up HP regeneration, movement, and the ability to collect items.

3. Bone and Radish Soup

Soup from white radish, meat, ice cube, leek, garlic, and gingers. Raise body temperature, increase speed and mining critical chanceas well as provide defense against winter.

4. Ginger Tea

Consist of honey, leekand tea, This drink helps reduce energy while running, increases swimming speed, cures colds, and increases the ability to mine materials.

How to Build a House LifeAfter Best

life after house design

When your character arrives at Hope 101, you will be given a vacant lot and a house (manor). However, default Life After house design not always ideal for shelter so you have to renovate it. However, the option to renovate is only available when manor has reached level 3.

The easiest way to renovate a house to give yourself a good defense is to try out the Blueprint feature. You can access it in the top right corner of the Build menu. This feature automatically renovates your house little by little using the materials you have collected.

Remember, Blueprint is only suitable to give you convenience at the beginning of the game. You should slowly learn formulas to build a house that gives you good defense. For example, make sure you have a high open area to shoot, and arrange your boxes on the floor to confuse incoming zombies.

Tips for Getting Important Items in LifeAfter

top up life after

LifeAfter guide emphasize the importance of items and resources because this game requires you to build a strong strategy and defense system, not just collecting points or killing zombies. There are various ways to collect important items that can help you survive.

Top up LifeAfterfor example via UniPin, gives you credit to buy various important items and materials. You can choose the amount credit according to funds, ranging from 65, 330, 1,108, to 7,768.

You can also play cards with other players while taking shelter in a shelter (shelter), but this game can only be played by two people. The prize is in the form of materials such as stone and wood or money. Another alternative is to join a camp and take on various missions to earn useful rewards.

Finally, there are hidden gifts in the form of secret chests that can suddenly appear in front of you. Open the chest to get materials and items. You can get them in areas like Farstar City and Fall Forest. Even Hope 101 sometimes surprises you with chests at certain points!

Curious? Have fun games this now and make sure to learn all LifeAfter guide after downloading it!

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