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Latest Buff Hero & Lord Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a variety of good updates which of course you should know right now. You should also know that the Latest Buff Hero and Lord Mobile Legends (ML) are the newest parts that appear today. There are several heroes affected by Nerf or Buff in the latest update, namely Patch Notes 1.6.82 [Advance Server] Mobile Legends.

Because there are indeed several things that we can find in this game, both events and various prizes. Mobile Legends players will usually complete each mission without them even realizing it because sometimes the mission is related to the match.


Then, by looking at the release of the new hero Julian, which will soon be released, therefore you must know how to get the Raven Emblem in Mobile Legends, it feels very interesting for you to know. Because with some of these existing events, they will give you a good Ultimate prize and you should try it yourself right now.

Even with the presence of the latest Buff Hero and Lord Mobile Legends (ML), it certainly brings new changes. Because indeed with this latest update there will be many heroes and several new battlefield adjustments that you will be able to find out quite easily when they all appear.

Latest Buff Hero & Lord Mobile Legends (ML)

The last few Patch Updates on Advanced Server have introduced Revamped Hero Vexana, along with various tweaks over time. With the start of the current Patch Update, the developers at MOONTON Games have now introduced a Revamped version of Leomord, with other Hero customizations including Faramis, Vexana and more. Along with that, there have been several Battlefield adjustments and System adjustments, which have taken place. Therefore, let's explore Update Patch 1.6.82 in Mobile Legends in detail.

Faramis Revamp (Buff)

We're bringing the power of awakening back to Faramis's Ultimate with a few tweaks.

[Passive] (Buff)

New Effect: Units that die around Faramis also have a chance to leave soul shards behind.

New Effect: If the number of soul fragments is higher than required for maximum respawn time reduction, the excess portion will be saved.

[Skill 1] (Buff)

Extra Defense: 30-80 >> 50-100 (reverted to Official Server version)

[Ultimate] (Buff)

Casting time increased slightly.

The extra HP gained in Specter stat increases significantly.

New Effect: When a hero in the Specter state dies, they can continue fighting for a while (invincible but immobile).

Vexana Revamp (Nerf)

Despite the series of nerfs, Vexana still performs better on the battlefield, so in this patch, we take more of her power from her skills.

[Skill 1] (Nerf)

Initial Damage: 250-400 + 60% Magic Power >> 200-320 + 60% Magic Power

Explosion Damage: 150-250 + 40% Magic Power >> 120-210 + 40% Magic Power

[Ultimate] (Nerf)

Base Damage: 400-600 + 100% Magic Power >> 200-400 + 100% Magic Power (applicable in previous versions)

Nana (Nerf)

We wanted to make the effects of each of Nana's skills more distinctive while giving her enemies more room to react.

[Skill 1] (Nerf)

Damage: 330-530+125% Magic Power >> 300-500+125% Magic Power

Boomerang's casting time and flight speed are slightly increased.

Boomerang no longer slows down enemy attacks.

[Ultimate] (Adjust)

The channeling time of the first two attacks is slightly reduced (the interval between each two attacks is slightly increased).

Irithel (Nerf)

With the removal of Mana costs, Irithel was too easy to harass his laning opponent early on. We fixed this by making it a little more difficult to prepare additional bolts and reducing the basic damage of his 1st skill.

[Pasif] (Nerf)

Travel Distance Required for Enhanced Basic Attack: 6 Units >> 10 Units (requirements during Ultimate do not change)

[Skill 1] (Nerf)

Damage: 450-650 + 60% Physical Attack >> 360-610 + 60% Physical Attack

Thamuz (Buff)

More scorching power for Lord of Lava, Ultimate when his Ultimate is active.

[Passive] (Buff)

The lava eruption delay was slightly reduced.

[Ultimate] (Buff)

Extra HP slightly increased.


Recommended build optimized.

Akai (Buff)

We optimized Akai's Skill casting experience to make it easier to cast all combos.

[Skill 1] (Buff)

Casting time is slightly reduced.

The extra scroll speed after hitting the enemy is slightly increased.

[Skill 2] (Buff)

Casting time is slightly reduced.

Backswing slightly reduced.

[Ultimate] (Buff)

Casting time is slightly reduced.

Julian (Buff)

We reduced Julian's Skills slightly to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Aamon (Buff)

A simple buff to help the Duke of Shards stand out among fellow assassins.

[Passive] (Buff)

Basic Attack Damage Increase: 70 + 80% Magic Power >> 85 + 90% Magic Power

Lapu-Lapu (Buff)

We put more power into Lapu-Lapu's heavy sword to help the Brave Warrior destroy his foes in battle.

[Ultimate] (Buff)

First Two Attack Damage: 280-440 >> 300-480

Third Strike Damage: 420-660 >> 450-720

Grock (Buff)

The Fortress Titan was left behind after the previous nerf, so we increased the raw power of its Wild Charge.

[Ultimate] (Buff)

Initial Damage: 300-500 + 50% Physical Attack >> 360-600 + 75% Physical Attack

Alice (Buff)

We restored the buff to Alice's Mana Regen at Warrior and Elite ranks on Advanced Server while lowering her Mana cost of Ultimate across all ranks.

[Ultimate] (Buff)

Mana Cost: 50-90 >> 40-80

Popol and Cup (Adjust)

We adjusted the chapter 4 task in Popol and Kupa Mastery Code to make it easier to complete.

As well as other latest updates about lords who get the latest buff updates

  • Evolved Lord (Buff)

There is still a high percentage of matches for 18 minutes. We deal with this by applying a massive boost to Evolving King damage.

Damage Per Attack: 250 + 50% Physical Attack + 50% Magic Power + 2.5% Max HP >> 400 + 60% Physical Attack + 60% Magic Power + 3% Max HP

Those are some of the latest Mobile Legends Hero and Lord Buffs that were carried out. There are many heroes that are adjusted in this update and many changes have been made. Which makes it possible for matches in the Mobile Legends game to be more competitive and interactive, of course.

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