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Kimmy, Hero Mage and Marksman Who Becomes Mainstay

Kimmy be one hero Mobile Legend that is able to achieve high popularity today. He was chosen by MLBB player because they are considered to be able to play a role in marksman with effect damage strong at once mage who has a strong defense.

Interested in using Kimmy in your next fight? Come on, find out more about hero this one!

Characteristics of Kimmy: Here’s What You Should Know!

kimmy mlbb

Although known as dual role heroes, Kimmy originally acted as marksman. Luckily, he was able to get extra magic nor physical damage from the equipment worn, like a mage.

Kimmy is a tough woman who was born and raised in a military family. His father, a general from the Moniyan Empire, educated Kimmy since childhood with military teachings that were disciplined, firm, and full of obedience. Because of this upbringing pattern, Kimmy becomes a tomboy girl who is agile in using her master weapon, Splat Gun. This is also what earned him the special nickname as Splat Queen.

Behind his military upbringing and toughness, Kimmy has an obsession and special interest in chemistry. In addition to training his ability to play weapons, little Kimmy also often conducts research and innovations involving chemicals.

Not infrequently, he analyzes and reforms various chemical substances to produce new energy sources. This energy becomes additional capital when Kimmy fights on the battlefield so that he is also considered a hero marksman at a time mage which has combined skills physically-magical qualified.

Meanwhile, in terms of statsthis is the ability offered Kimmy Mobile Legends as hero mainstay:

  • HP: 2450
  • HP Regen: 40
  • Mana: 100
  • Movement Speed: 245
  • Attack Speed: 0.826
  • Physical Attack: 104
  • Physical Defense: 22
  • Magic Defense: 10

Skills Best Kimmy

Kimmy skills
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For business skills, Kimmy have one passive skillsone ultimate skillsand two skills others who entirely support his movement and attack resistance. Read more about skills the following best Kimmy has:

1. Passive Skill: Chemist Instinct

Through skills this, Kimmy can convert the whole Attack Speed from items which is used in addition Movement Speed which makes it move swiftly. Skills this also makes the hero able to attack in all directions regardless of role hero on the opposing team.

2. Ultimate Skill: Maximum Charge

Skills main with magic damage This maximum can be activated after Kimmy collects maximum power. The effect can hit the opposing team from a distance so much hero others who are wary of Kimmy in fashion Maximum Charge. In addition to its impressive striking range, ultimate skills it can also return most of cooldown.

3. Energy Transformation

Skills this allows Kimmy to launch chemical balls with effects magical damage the strong one. These balls will later explode towards the enemy and produce additional damage magic around the battle area. Although quite effective at blocking opponents, chemical balls created from the energy of the hero making it often dependent on the total amount of energy possessed.

4. Chemical Reinforcement

When skills it is activated, Kimmy will reverse in the opposite direction. At the same time, it will attack the opponent by firing a toxic chemical liquid into the area where it is hero the enemy is. Those who touch this liquid will be affected magic damage streak for 5 seconds. The enemy’s movement will also slow down by 60%.

Recommendation Build The Most Powerful Kimmy

Kimmy Build

There are some items certain things that Kimmy can wear to maximize her potential skills and the energy it has. Here are some recommendations Kimmy build best you can try with items combined for marksman and mage:

  • Arcane Boots: Items a move that gives an additional 40 points Movement Speed and 15 points Magical Penetration for Kimmy. Use build this will make the hero move more smoothly when traversing lane.
  • Glowing Wand: had a big impact on passive skills Kimmy so he can produce effects burn when it starts to block hero from the opposing team. Items this also adds 400 HP points as well as 75 points Magic Power.
  • Holy Crystal: The effect will increase Magic Attack by 21-35% and will continue to increase as Kimmy progresses through the stages.
  • Ice Queen Wand: In addition to adding damage level by 15%, items It also works to increase Magic Power as much as 75 points, Mana as much as 150 points, and an additional 7% for movement speed.
  • Raptor Machete: Items which is generally used for farming. The effect can increase Physical Attack by 30 points, Physical Penetration by 15%, as well as an additional damage 50% when attacking the opponent.

Kimmy’s Strengths and Weaknesses

kimmy mobile legends

As well as hero other in battle games by Moonton, Kimmy MLBB also has its own advantages and disadvantages. You must understand this point in order to place the hero in the most appropriate position when strategizing to fight.

Here are some of the advantages possessed by hero marksman/mage named Kimmy this:

  • is hero tough so easy to do kiting.
  • Famous for having damage with amazing effects, even at the start of the game.
  • Skill Cooldown it can react quickly.
  • Has the ability to attack without stopping with an increasing movement speed.

However, behind the above advantages, there are also some disadvantages that you should consider when choosing Kimmy as part of the team:

  • Despite having Movement Speed reliable, Attack Speed Kimmy’s tends to stay and rarely increases.
  • Hero it is also more dependent on energy supplies to be able to produce high attacks.
  • Kimmy has a level of control and use that is quite difficult so it is not really recommended for beginners to choose.

Well, that’s complete information about Kimmya character with multiple roles as Marksman and Mage which you can choose to be hero in the next MLBB duel.

Make sure you understand the character, skills, build itemsas well as advantages and disadvantages hero this before engaging him in actual combat. That way, you can take advantage of Kimmy’s potential and make it hero tough who can play a dominant role on the battlefield. Have a nice play!

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