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Just Released, Yve Mage's Excellence Skills Will Amaze You

Who is the figure Yve in Mobile Legends which was recently released?

On February 12, 2022, Moonton released a new line of heroes that really invited the curiosity of the fans gamer. The latest release raises a new story that still has a common thread with the important story of the previous Mobile Legend character.

So that your curiosity is answered, come on, we will discuss together what the story of a hero who has a unique ultimate mechanism in the Land of Dawn looks like.

The Story of the Astrowarden Locksmith

yve mage skills

He first appeared in Northern Vale. His expressionless face seemed to represent the aura of great power growing within him. Aurora is aware of the great power that the figure possesses, including realizing how it exists Yve can be a big threat.

Thinking of fighting it could create great destruction. In fact, it is not impossible for Aurora to swallow defeat, considering that her opponent is not an arbitrary figure. The hero is thought to be the most powerful person in the Mithlorian race, the pre-eminent race in space.

For your information, the inhabitants of Mithlora, the mysterious galaxy region, are the owners of the Astrowarden powers. The source of Mithlorian power comes from the ability to control various elements encountered in outer space.

When this nation fought against the Swarm, the colonial nation, the caretaker of Astrowarden was the most favored. He is the only Mithlorian capable of manipulating power to turn into objects. This is so ultimate his mainstay.

He is destined to face Zask, the leader of the Swarms. As soon as he detects Zask’s presence in the Land of Dawn, he goes down to battle. The strength of the heroes in the Land of Dawn is able to limit the movement of Zask and his minions. This paved the way for the new Mage hero to finish the battle that had been delayed for centuries.

Row Skills Unique Hero Mage

yve mage items

According to the characteristics of the Mage hero, he has a relatively low resistance. He is fairly vulnerable when facing attacks burst damage. base defense, level offense, and HP is also low.

Basic attacks what you have is not so sick that you can’t create damage big. However, it was solely because of his status as a Mage that focused on attacking the enemy’s skills.

Therefore, the level ability effects This character is quite high. He can trap the enemy with crowd control annoying that makes the opponent hit damage high enough. All these statistical ‘complexities’ make it a Mage hero that is quite difficult to play.

As for skills it has is:

1. Skills passive: Galactic Power

This power he gets when inflicting damage on the opponent’s hero by utilizing skills which he has. Each stack Galactic Power can increase Movement Speed 2%.

2. Skills 1: Void Blast

He is able to cause a Galactic Energy explosion in the previously targeted area. This step will cause Magic Damage on target. If the target is in the middle of the area, it will automatically be affected slow up to 60% with a duration of 0.8 seconds.

3. Skills 2: Meteor Fall

Every target affected hit will get Magic Damage after the Mage hero calls Pulsing Meteor to the planned area. When you reuse from the initial position, the meteor will generate 120 Magic Damage per 0.3 seconds on the target so they will be affected slow.

4. Skills Ultimate: Real World Manipulation

He will create a Starfield in the previously targeted direction. Lasts for 10 seconds, he can activate ultimate skills again up to 15 times.

If you tap, this step is capable of producing 550 Magic Damage in areas within Starfield. If you slide, you can make 230 Magic Damage per 0.5 second with effect slow 60% for 2 seconds.

Yve Mage’s Advantage

how to play yve

Considering the level of difficulty playing with this Mage hero is fairly high, studying skill-it just isn’t enough. Also know what advantages you have so you can be more careful in designing how to play Yve later.

There are at least five advantages that you can learn from the strongest figure of the Mithlorians.

1. Damage burst obtained through spam skills

Spam skills not a strange thing among Mage heroes. There is Valir with stack skills first thing that can be done continuously when beating enemy heroes. Likewise Lunox with super short duration on cooldown skills.

This new Hero Mage comes with skills very fast first. Spam skills he can do it easily to get burst damage big. Plus, this action will also affect the power ultimate hers. You can collect maximum stack up to 10 points. This number will be added 15 points once the ultimate move is activated.

2. Hold face to face with crowd control

Find heroes anti crowd control? This new Hero Mage is the right answer. When activating ultimate skills, he could not be approached let alone disturbed. Once an opponent approaches in such a state, they can be killed easily by the resulting barrage of powerful explosions.

To conquer a hero like that, it’s clear you have to do the exact calculations regarding timing and trying to distract him. Heroes with crowd control type suppressed, for example Kaja and Franco, could be a solution. However, don’t forget to carefully detail what actions you will take.

3. Can create a wide attack area

Launch skills from a distance is the next advantage. This makes the Mage hero more dangerous when fighting. Check again skills both, you can do tap and automatic skills change to area attack mode.

With effect slow on the enemy who is in the lane position skills, You can maximize Void Crystal when you are chasing or being chased by enemies. So, looking for the most ideal and strategic location to activate skills So it’s an important trick that needs to be mastered.

4. Duet with many heroes? Really can!

Combining the Mage and Tank hero duets is often a mainstay strategy as well as turning off the heroes gamers. However, the difference in mechanism skills each is often a problem. This does not happen to this Mage hero. He can be combined with Tigreal because of his flexibility to shift the location according to the direction of the partner’s encouragement.

In fact, he is also ideally combined with Silvanna Tank, Belerick, or Jawhead. This row of combinations will produce a deadly duet that will make you master the game.

5. Excel in team battles or team fight

When doing team battles, he will stand out. Apart from being superior to the support, he is also on the list of flexible combos and can create damage big. Just make sure ultimate stack belonging to this hero is fully charged before team fight so that you can launch attacks with the maximum.

So, ready to propose Yve to win the next Mobile Legend battle?

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