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Jurassic Park Game Announced Through Summer Game Fest 2022?

The Jurassic Park franchise has been in the gaming industry since time immemorial. However, the concept of this Dinosaur game continues to evolve and never stops looking for new game ideas.

Now, several tweets from insiders and official accounts from Jurassic World indicate the arrival of the latest Jurassic Park game through this week’s Summer Game Fest. This speculation itself started from the account Jurassic World Twitter recently.

New Jurassic Park game!

The official account posted a picture showing a dinosaur hiding in the bushes. The eyes of the dinosaur are seen peeking somewhere through the green leaves.

When viewed, the image is indeed taken from a film. On the other hand, some analyzes have speculated that the image may be more similar to the digitally generated graphics used to create Jurassic World Evolution.

But again, this evidence is not strong enough to say that the latest Jurassic Park game is indeed being prepared. Not only did it come from the official account of Jurassic World, it was also reinforced by Frontier Developments.

Revealed through Summer Game Fest?

They themselves are the developers of Jurassic World Evolution and will participate in the presentation at the Summer Game Fest event this week. This indirectly ensures that the developer will certainly make a new announcement.

We need to remind again that this is not certain to be true. Jeff Goldblum as an actor from the film Jurassic Park is also reportedly going to be a guest star at this annual event. This again reinforces that the new Jurassic Park will indeed be revealed in that way.

Summer Game Fest organizer Geoff Keighley further strengthened this by posting a GIF from the film Jurassic Park in the form of a scene showing Goldblum saying “Well, there he is”.

One thing we can be sure of for now is that Frontier Development will be coming to Summer Game Fest on June 10th and making a new announcement. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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