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Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing? Here are the advantages

Destiny 2 was released in May 2022 by Bungie and Activision. The sequel series from the first Destiny is considered an improvement from the previous series. Game multiplayer shooter The first series was intended for PlayStation 4 users. However, now PC users can also enjoy the game.

Getting to know Destiny 2 Game

destiny 2 gameplay

Storyline games this is not much different from the first series. Players will act as Guardians. Its main mission is to maintain the peace of the earth. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a series of tutorials before entering the real game mode.

Uniquely, you can reminisce a little about the story from the first series here, especially the characters used are still the same. in terms of timelinethe time in the game is set about 1 year after Destiny: Rise of Iron.

The game begins when one of the alien races who have an elite army called the Red Legion attacks the last city on earth. The city is protected by the Traveler, a giant orb that walks over it. Red Legion managed to destroy The Traveler through the technology used.

The Red Legions are led by Dominus Ghaul. He is obsessed with the power of light emanating from the Traveler’s core and wants to harvest it. This adversely affects the Guardians because the source of their power comes from light.

In the game, Ghost, a small robot, will help you find the light again. The trick is to use Traveler chips. Once you have the light, you have the task of ending the war. To carry out the mission, you will be accompanied by Suraya Hawthorne, a shrewd warrior.

The journey to complete the mission is arguably not easy. This is because the destroyed Traveler turned out to be attracting the attention of other alien races. They are no less vicious and want to annoy you so you too have some challenges in games.

How to play

destiny 2 system requirements

Before playing, you should understand Destiny 2 gameplay and the intricacies. In the game, there are two types of weapons that can be used, namely machine guns and grenade launchers. The presentation of weapons has also used the system slots Kinetic, Energy, and Power.

The game is divided into three classes, namely Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. Each group has super abilities. Warlock can use Dawnblade’s sword attack. Titans use skills Sentinel to display the shield. Hunter takes out Arcstrider, which is a stick to hit the enemy.

In this game, you can explore four new worlds, namely Titan, Io, European Dead Zone, and Nessus. In addition to patrols, in this latest series there are more opportunities for exploration. The area of ​​the map is also twice as large as the first.

Some activities that can also be done are doing Adventures mode, treasure hunting, receiving side-quest from NPCs, as well as finding Lost Sectors. However, achievements achieved in the first series cannot be transferred to Destiny 2.

By using Crucible mode, this game can be a battle arena for four player against four player other. Bungie also offers a mode called Countdown.

Well, to play games In this case, you have to make sure the PC you are using matches the required specifications. Minimum specifications if using an Intel CPU are Intel Core i3-3250 3.5 GHz or Intel Pentium G4560 3.5 GHz. Minimum available RAM is 8 GB. In addition, you will also need a minimum of 68GB of storage space.

Game Advantages

destiny 2 download

Compared to the first sequel, what are the advantages? online game that players can enjoy? Check out here a brief review.

1. More interesting storyline

In this second sequel, Bungie pays more attention to the storyline in the game. By using scene cinematic and clear dialogue, you will enjoy the game more. Dialogue also doesn’t just flow, it holds a lot of information so it deserves your attention.

Things like this will not be found from the first series. The story line conveyed cannot be understood easily. By using a card system called Grimoire, the storyline becomes less interesting to follow. Although the second series feels more satisfying, the ending is quite predictable.

One of the interesting things that Bungie added as an attraction to Destiny 2 is the extra story content through side stories. You can follow them while on each planet. The side story is about the supporting characters inside games. From completed missions, you can get rewards in the form of equipment.

2. Can be played solo

Online game most require an opponent or team to make the game more exciting and complete. However, you don’t really need it when you play here.

With gameplay provided, you can complete missions alone without depending on team performance. Therefore, for those who wish to explore the game with satisfaction, games it fits perfectly.

3. Offers a lot of advanced weapons

Interesting things that you can enjoy while playing games This is a wide variety of advanced weapons available. These weapons are needed to fight the Red Legion.

One of them, MIDA Multi-Tool is scout rifle which can issue a shot quickly and steadily. This device is more powerful because it has a radar that can be used when aiming. In addition, there is a Prosecutor weapon that has a fairly high energy slot.

4. Graphics quality and performance are adequate

In game on line, the quality of the graphics will determine the satisfaction of playing. Destiny 2 does not disappoint in this regard. Not only showing a wide and lively world, lighting designs and even special effects can look like in the real world. Compared to the first series, this latest series feels better.

Well, for those of you who want to play games this, do download first. Then, buy credit Steam Wallet by doing top up via Unipin. Credit this can be used to buy games and other DLC.

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