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Interesting, This is a Black Desert Online Game Review

Black Desert Online is a game on line by genre Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). MMORPG is one of the esports genres besides battle royale, MOBA and FPS. This game genre has actually been boom when the cafe began to be crowded. Title games Popular MMORPGs include RF Online, Lineage, and Atlantica.

Many people think that the MMORPG genre does not attract attention and cannot compete in the midst of rapid growth online video games. This is because the concept gameplay repetitive and unfocused storyline. However, the advantage is that it is simple so that it can last a long time.

Getting to know Black Desert Online

black desert online wallpaper

Although carrying the MMORPG genre that focuses on gameplay and interaction between players, games on line it has a background story. In games It is told, a deadly plague called the Black Death hit four major countries, namely Kelpeon, Valenos, Serendia, and Media.

The plague entered these countries because it was brought by a merchant who came from Valencia. The situation sparked a war between the five countries. With this background, games succeeded in creating curiosity.

Getting to Know the Characters in the Game

black desert online steam

In the game, you will find an excellent feature, namely character creation. In this feature, players are given the opportunity to choose classfor example Warriors, Rangers, Wizards, Witches, Sorcerers, or Berserker. Each class created to have a different and unique playing style.

Customizations made to the character games covers almost all aspects, including the most detailed. Some of them, hair color, skin proportions, high and low voice, eye lens effects, and so on. In addition, you can also choose the horoscope of the character. This marks the most prominent trait of the character.

You can also optimize the results character creation by using extra features namely Photo Mode and Beauty Album. Here, you can save the characters that you have created. Unfortunately, not all characters on class certain things can be changed, for example Warrior.

Come on, Know How to Play

price of black desert online sea

Like other MMORPG games, at the beginning of the game you are invited to get to know the important features and basic controls in the game gamesfor example combattransactions, and life skills. The wide world inside games very interesting to explore because each place has an interesting story and characteristics.

If you want to play in Player vs Player mode, you can choose the Guild War feature. Here, you must have guildthen declared war with guild other. Through a fair fight, will appear guild the most powerful in the Black Desert.

Interestingly, in addition to doing daily activities, you can have a house in a city or village in the map. To make it look more beautiful, this house can be decorated by adding furniture. However, you must have a high Interior Point level so that the house is better.

Well, before playing, make sure you have used adequate devices. The operating system used is a minimum of 32/64 bit Windows 10, Intel Core i3 Processor, 4 GB RAM memory, and 30 GB storage.

To play gamesyou candownloadvia Steam, the video distribution platform games for PCs. The price of Black Desert Online Steam starts from IDR 415,869. This price is quite expensive when compared to some other online games.

Comparison of Mobile and PC Version Games

black desert mobile version

In addition to the PC and console versions, Black Desert Online also offers a version mobile. One that marked games this is like the MMORPG genre in general is a feature autoplay. The missions given also seem repetitive so it feels boring.

However, there are interesting new things in the game’s features. The most striking feature is the horse riding. Players can take their characters to explore the world on horseback. However, you need to tame the horse first with certain conditions before it can be ridden.

On the PC version there is housingbut in the mobile version it is replaced with camp. Through the system that has been built, players can teleport from one place to another.

Unfortunately, in the version mobilethere are only 5 classes to choose from, even though in the PC version there are 17 class. However, players will be satisfied with the customization that seems very varied.

Game Advantage

As an MMORPG game, many were pessimistic about this one game. In fact, there are a number of advantages it offers.

1. High-end gameplay

In fact, equipped with gameplay class and lots of activities to do, Black Desert Online is a success. In addition, this game also does not provide limitations. Each player can participate in various activities and quests like high-level players.

Although there are no serious and dangerous missions, exploration on games quite challenging. Anyone can take the opportunity to bring the name of the group when they win the game.

The basic activities you can do to survive are fishing, raising livestock, tending horses, or working in the fields. The presence of complex real-life elements can make players think and try harder.

2. It’s easier to express yourself

Not like games others who have provided the appearance of each character permanently, you can express yourself through games this. This is certainly a special attraction for players because they feel more connected.

However, be careful with job or characters that include gender-locked because gender is usually immutable. For example, as a Ninja you have to choose your gender as male.

3. Exciting combat mode

You will be interested in games this is because Combat mode with fast Action system and not target-locked. These conditions allow you to set up attacks just by using mouse. It should also be noted that each selected job must be played in a different way. Skills owned is not the same.

With this review, are you interested in playing Black Desert Online? Don’t forget to fill up the Steam Wallet first via UniPin so you can enjoy an even more exciting playing experience.

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