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Innersloth Turns Off Among Us Server Due to DDoS Attack

According to reports, Among Us players have been unable to log into the game’s servers since March 24. Innersloth as the developer immediately gave an announcement regarding the problem.

They say that Among Us’s servers are currently under attack by hackers. Like it or not, Innersloth had to shut down their game server to deal with the DDoS attacks that have not stopped until now.

Among Us was hit by a DDoS attack

For those of you who don’t know, DDoS itself can be said to be a Distributed attack. Which takes advantage of special capacity limits that apply to any network resource, such as the infrastructure that enables enterprise websites.

This DDoS will send multiple requests to the attacked web resource, with the aim of exceeding the website’s capacity to handle multiple requests and preventing the website from functioning properly.

Innersloth shuts down 2 Among Us servers

Innersloth Turns Off Among Us Server Due to Ddos Attack
Among Us | USS Feed

Currently, Innersloth has managed to restore some servers, but not all of them. Today, they again announced that they will be shutting down servers in North America and Europe while working to fix the issue.

We will provide the latest information regarding Among Us if it is needed later. You can play Among Us as usual, but not on North American and European servers.

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