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Information About PUBG Mobile Ranks You Need to Know

Since it was first released in 2022, the PUBG game has been able to captivate the hearts of gamers around the world. Not without reason, a game with Battle Royale genre it does have a storyline and gameplay the fun one. Not to mention the levels PUBG mobile rankings which you must conquer.

As many as 100 people will play and compete to be the winner. The game starts from the plane, then the player will jump using a parachute. After landing, players must undergo loot in order to get armor, life support tools, and weapons for war.

Many game modes to choose from, starting from playing alone or playing alone soloplay together or duoto play four or squad. However, to make it more exciting and take longer, you can choose a play mode squad. This game mode still allows the player to survive because of the help of the team even after being killed. Different from fashion solo that instantly makes you game over if hit kills.

The player or team that manages to survive until there are no more opponents left in the game can earn a nickname chicken dinner. The term is given to players who managed to win games PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile Ranking Order

pubg mobile rank order
Source: Game League – TV

PUBG Game mobile has eight levels rank. Each level certainly has a different challenge and level of difficulty. In addition, competition on each rank PUBG mobile can be said to be high. Following order rank PUBG mobile:

1. Bronze

The lowest rank is Bronze which you can get immediately after creating an account. Points in rank Bronze starts from 1000 to 1700. There are five levels in the Bronze rank, namely I, II, III, IV, and V. After reaching the highest level, the rank will increase to Silver.

The majority of the enemies you face at Bronze rank are bot or a new player in the same rank as you. Well, when doing reset season on tier Bronze, you have the opportunity to get a gift of 20 AG and 200 Fragments plus 2 Supply Crate Coupon Scrap.

2. silver

Silver Rank in PUBG game mobile starting from points 1700 to 2200. When you are in this sequence, you are more familiar with how to fight in classic mode. Same with Bronze, rank Silver also has five levels namely I, II, III, IV, to V. When doing reset seasonyou are entitled to a prize of 25 AG, 400 Fragments, and plus 3 Supply Crate Coupon Scrap.

3. Gold

Up again from Silver rank is Gold. Is at rank this means you are no longer fighting against bot, but directly with the original player. Together with rank Bronze and Silver, there are five levels that you have to go through at Gold rank, starting from Gold V to I with a total of 2700 points. If you do reset season at this level, you will get rewards in the form of 30 AG, 600 Fragments, and 4 Supply Crate Coupon Scraps.

4. Platinum

Rank PUBG mobile fourth place is Platinum. In addition to knowing the types of weapons that are comfortable to use, you also already understand which are the best and most effective places to do it loot when you want push rank. Points rank PUBG mobile for Platinum rank starting from 2700 to 3200 in order of level starting from Platinum V to I.

Well, what’s interesting about this ranking is the reward you get when you do reset season. You will get a gift in the form of certain types of clothes that can change according to the season. Then, don’t forget 40 AG, 800 Fragments, and 5 Supply Crate Coupon Scraps.

5. Diamonds

Up from Platinum, you are now at Diamond rank. Of course, here you have mastered several playing strategies for push rank. Game performance will definitely improve. However, stay alert because the competition on this ranking can be very tough. If you lose in the middle of the match, the total points you get will be minus.

The interesting thing about Diamond rank is the weapon you get. You can have skin special weapons according to season while in tier Diamonds. In addition, you also get 50 AG, 100 Fragments, and 2 Classic Crate Coupon Scraps.

6. Crown

The Crown Rank has the Kar98K emblem in a very cool gold color. Often times, players at this rank get minus points for failing to win the game. Because it’s needed skills qualified so that you can survive on rank Crowns. When it happens reset seasonyou will get prizes in the form of:

  • Protector tier as much as 3 pieces
  • Definitely Epic team effect
  • Name tags Crown
  • 1300 Fragments
  • 4 Classic Crate Coupon Scraps and 75 AG.

7. Ace

Rank PUBG mobile Ace starts when the player has managed to reach 4200 points. Every 100 points increase, you are entitled to one star with different levels. The order starts from copper star as much as 1 to 5, silver star for 6 to 10 stars, and gold star for 11 stars or more.

When you reach the top 500 region points, your rank will automatically rise to the highest level. Gift on rank it’s also very interesting, like:

  • Season skins parachute
  • Name tags season Ace
  • 1600 Fragments
  • Effects team legendary
  • Obtain a degree that corresponds to season.

8. Conqueror

Conqueror is PUBG rank mobile highest. Don’t be surprised if you will often meet pro players or streamer. You must be able to survive the intense competition in this ranking. The reason is, if your points decrease until you are no longer in the top 500, your rank will automatically return to Ace.

It was true, it took quite a bit of practice to reach Conqueror rank. This is why the prizes you get are not arbitrary, namely:

  • Degree according to season
  • Mythic effects team
  • Name tags Conqueror
  • 2000 Fragments
  • Conqueror borders.

Well, that was the level rank PUBG mobile from the lowest to the highest level. Are you ready to play PUBG? To make it more fun, don’t forget to top up vouchers PUBG on UniPin, yes! You can choose a lot of nominal vouchers as needed and make payments as desired. Easy and practical, right? Come on, top up right now!

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