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Indonesia Enters Group B with Hosts at SEA Games 2022 Games

Mobile Legends Indonesia’s competitive match is currently resting after RRQ Hoshi won MPL ID Season 9.

However, there is already a national team of Indonesian mobile legends that will appear at the upcoming 2022 SEA Games. They have made various preparations to fight for the gold medal at the event.

Now, the Indonesian Mobile Legends national team consisting of a combination of several RRQ Hoshi, ONIC Esports and EVOS Legends will depart in the near future. Most recently, the division of the group for the match has been done.

From these various leaks, it can be seen that the division of the Mobile Legends branch group has been carried out on Wednesday (11/5/22) and Indonesia is said to be included in group B. Alberttt and his friends seem to be very lucky. because you could say they would join a relatively “easy” group. .

As you can see from the photo above, Indonesia is safe from group hell. Group B consisting of Vietnam and Singapore will take part. Without underestimating the two teams, on paper Indonesia should be able to easily qualify for Group B

Meanwhile in Group A it became very hot where the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos and Myanmar were. The struggle for qualifying tickets can be very tight between these four countries, especially the Philippines, Malaysia and Myanmar which are relatively tight in the competitive Mobile Legends scene.

For those of you who are looking forward to a fierce duel between Indonesia and the Philippines, it seems that you have to be patient, because the match may only be realized at least in the Playoff round. Of course, this will only happen with a note that both can qualify first in the group stage.

The group stage of the Mobile Legends SEA Games 2022 will only start on May 21, 2022, then the Playoffs and Grand Finals will continue on May 22, 2022. The list of the Indonesian national team itself has been confirmed to contain Alberttt, R7, Vyn, Kiboy, CW, Sanz and Luminaire.

Will the Indonesian national team be able to qualify for the playoffs and then bring home the gold medal? Just look forward to their struggle to make the nation proud, and don’t forget to support them at the 2022 SEA Games!

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