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Improvements Make the Game More Special!

The Evil Within 2 is a game series survival physiological horror designed by Shinji Mikami and developed by Tango Gameworks. The game released by Bethesda Softworks on October 13, 2022 has a strong story with gameplay the fun one. The sequel to The Evil Within is considered successful in providing a horror game experience that was developed as a game triple A game. Not only that, this sequel also presents a number of better details than its predecessor.

Plot of The Evil Within 2

the evil within 2 dlc
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After confronting the fact that Mobius can control minds with a dangerous STEM Engine, Sebastian Castellanos continues to try to unmask the mystery to the public. However, three years passed without producing anything. Mobius seemed locked and could not be surpassed by Sebastian. Failure and pent-up frustration make Sebastian slump and end up with a bad lifestyle. However, surprisingly his past suddenly returned.

In the sequel to The Evil Within, you still play as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective in the Krimson City Police Department. After experiencing the loss of his wife and daughter, Lily Castellanos in the previous series, Sebastian is back with a new story. The game begins when Sebastian is drunk at a bar and is approached by Juli Kidman, a partner in the past who is also a Mobius agent. Juli reveals that Lily’s death was faked by Mobius. In fact, Lily who was considered a potential CORE candidate for the STEM system was kidnapped by Mobius.

Knowing that his daughter is still alive and in danger, Sebastian tries his best to save her. It’s not easy for Sebastian to find traces of Lily trapped in a world called Union. It is in this other world that Sebastian will face a nightmare come true. A series of monsters with terrible looks ready to kill his life at any time. One of the characters from the previous series, Kidman, returns to provide information to Sebastian on a mission to save Lily.

More Eerie Atmosphere

the evil within 2 steam
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Although the details and textures are not much different from the previous series, you will feel a pretty good improvement in the sequel to The Evil Within. One of the most noticeable is the resolution The Evil Within 2 gameplay comes in full, not cinematic with black bars like the first series. However, you can still enjoy the cinematic version through the extra mode which can be accessed after completing one game.

Added effects grain make the visualization of the sequel to The Evil Within unique. The super scary scenes amplify the gripping atmosphere, especially when you play the game in the dark. Slick visualization creates a real impression that you are in dreamland. Improved lighting quality and the option to keep the bloody scenes and body cuts make a big impact. The thick horror sensation will make you feel anxious about things that might happen.

In addition to visualization, the audio quality of The Evil Within sequel also deserves appreciation. Only by using a headset when playing games, you will feel a more tense atmosphere. Since Sebastian doesn’t have threat radar capabilities, this way you’ll be quicker to respond when you hear a suspicious sound. As a result, you can determine when to move or hide.

More Rational Difficulty Level

the evil within 2 gameplay
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Compared to the previous series, the sequel The Evil Within offer more human difficulties. Normal or survival difficulty levels will give you a horror game experience survival. At this level of difficulty, you can manage resources, from bullets to healing items as effectively as possible. If you choose survival mode, you will feel a wider space to adjust your needs, save resources, and reduce the pressure due to mistakes made. You can kill Lost (zombies) instantly and only use bullets in urgent situations.

While the difficulty level is high or nightmare will remind you of the difficulty of The Evil Within 1. This level of difficulty will put you in dangerous conditions and face a much more responsive and formidable foe with resources limited. This is one of the reasons why the sequel The Evil Within 2 steam quite popular with lovers of horror games. You can download The Evil Within 2 dlc complete edition and play it on a computer with minimum specs.

Carrying the Semi Open World Concept

the evil within 2 system requirements
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Unlike the previous series, the sequel to The Evil Within carries the concept of a semi-open world. This is evident from the design of a more diverse world. Union City on The Evil Within 2 offers an urban sensation and some scenes will remind you of the darkness and darkness of the first series. The design of the monsters in the sequel to The Evil Within is quite scary and makes you feel threatened. Although the changes are not so significant, the variety of areas, the concept of a semi-open world, and new monsters will make you feel in love with this sequel.

To enjoy this game, you have to check first The Evil Within 2 system requirements. The minimum spec requirements include an Intel Core i5 or AMD processor, 64-bit Windows, AMD Radeon or NVIDIA graphics, 8 GB of RAM, and 40 GB of storage memory.


Although the AI ​​is not very responsive and the skill system does not give players the space to fight against Lost openly, the sequel to The Evil Within can be said to be a complement to the previous series. Innovations in the form of a semi-open world approach, a crafting system, side missions, normal difficulties, and a curious story supported by gripping visuals and audio become interesting combinations and encourage you to complete the game as best you can. The sequel to The Evil Within is a survival horror game that is packaged nicely.

That’s a brief review The Evil Within 2 what you need to learn to improve your understanding of playing this popular game. Want to play more fun games? You can buy equipment and add credit using game vouchers or diamonds via UniPin.

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