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Hundred Heroes Released in 2023

Do you know the name Suikoden? If you know, maybe you are a connoisseur of games made by Konami in the past. This game with hundreds of characters in it does have a special place for some fans.

However, Konami is not interested in presenting the latest series of their games. Until now, there is no hope that Konami will return to present the latest series from their franchise.

Rabbit & Bear is ready to return to the surface!

Eiyuden Chronicles Hundred Heroes Launches in 2023
Eiyuden Chronicles Hundred Heroes | PC Gamer

Luckily, fans’ thirst for Suikoden will be cured in the next few years. Rabbit & Bear as the developers of Suikoden in the past is now independent and ready to return with Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

This game will certainly have strong elements from Suikoden in the past. Where will have hundreds of playable characters also in it. Wanting to give fans reassurance, Rabbit & Bear was also present at Microsoft and Bethesda’s presentation today at E3.

Eiyuden Chronicle Release in 2023

Through this presentation, Rabbit & Bear announced that Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will launch in 2023. Along with this, they also showcased a gameplay of the game.

Not only that, Rabbit & Bear also confirmed that they are planning to make a hack n slash game entitled Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising which is scheduled for release in 2022.

Finally, it was confirmed that both Eiyuden games will be available on Xbox Game Pass on the first day of release. Apart from that, the two Eiyuden games are planned to be released on Xbox and PC.

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