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How to Quickly Unlock Wanwan Mobile Legends Ulti, 100% Powerful!

Wanwan is one of the Marksman heroes who is currently on the rise. That's because his ability is very great and very deadly. Although very deadly, Wanwan has a weakness.

Wanwan's own weakness lies in her 3 (Ultimate) skill, namely Crossbow of Tang. The ultimate skill must be unlocked by breaking all the Weakness Points on the opponent.

Well, for those of you who don't know how to unlock Wanwan Mobile Legends ulti, on this occasion we want to discuss how to quickly open Wanwan Mobile Legends ulti that you can apply in the game.

The Right Trick to Unlock Wanwan's Ultimate Mobile Legends

If you don't have a Wanwan hero yet, you can buy it using 32000 BP or 599 Diamond, so make sure you top up the Mobile Legends diamond first, okay?

But if you already have a Wanwan hero, you can immediately follow the following tips to quickly unlock Wanwan's ultimate.

1. Throw Swallow's Path Skill Behind the Opponent

The trick so you can unlock Wanwan's Ulti quickly is to throw the Swallow's Path (Skill 1) skill towards the back of the opponent you are facing. It aims to break the Weakness Point that is at the back of the opponent.

Because as we know, currently Wanwan only needs to solve 3 Weakness Points (from the previous 5). If the Weakness Point at the back of the opponent has been broken, then you can immediately go forward to destroy the Weakness Point at the front.

So it will be easy for you to open Wanwan's Ulti if the Weakness Point on the back of the enemy has been solved first. If the Weakness Points are all broken, and the Crossbow of Tang skill is active, the Assassin hero orMage hero will also be easily defeated by Wanwan.

2. Take advantage of the Bush/Grass

Another trick that you can apply to quickly unlock Wanwan's ulti is to use Bush/Grass. So when you use Wanwan, you can look for Bush/Grass that your opponent will pass.

If an opponent crosses the bush, you can use the Swallow's Path skill behind the opponent and start attacking the opponent's front to destroy the opponent's Weakness Point.

Well, that's the quick way to unlock Wanwan Mobile Legends ulti. How? It's so easy! Don't forget to share this article with your friends who don't know how to unlock Wanwan's ultimate!

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