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How to Push Rank Mobile Legend, Mythic Guarantee!

The Mobile Legends game does not only have many heroes and skins. This one game also has many levels rank or tier rank. Of course, the higher the level, the more skilled and reliable a person is in playing the game.

However, make no mistake, go up rank in games Mobile Legends is arguably not an easy thing. You need to know how push rank the right way so that you can level up quickly, especially recently Moonton has reportedly done this updates a game with a lot of changes.

Now, the Mobile Legends game has entered Season 21. The main thing that you may need to pay attention to in this season is not to be careless when playing rank. You see, this new season is an important moment for fans gamer Mobile Legends. Why?

Simply put, in season 21, Moonton doesn’t just rearrange the alias me-reset rank. Official owner games The Mobile Legends also reset the MMR hero. Of course, this makes many players want to reach the Global Top.

There are so many changes in the updates that Moonton made this season that have an effect on several aspects in-game. It’s not impossible that you have to re-adjust to this latest game mode.

Easy Ways to Push Rank Mobile Legends

how to push rank mobile legend
Source: Kitakini News

Well, so that you can climb to tier rank the highest alias push rankyou can try some of the following easy ways when playing Mobile Legends.

1. Use Hero Meta

Playing games using meta heroes will make it easier for you to win. Usually, there will be heroes who get nerfs and buffs when you do game updates Mobile Legends. The hero who had the opportunity to get the buff earlier had the opportunity to be turned into a meta hero.

The advantage of the meta hero itself is that it can make it easier for you to win when playing. For example, you choose Natalia, Ling, Khufra, Uranus, or Lancelot as a meta hero.

2. Choose the Right Playtime

Method push rank Mobile Legends The next thing is to choose the right time to play. For example, you can find out when it’s time to play with other pro players. You can get tough opponents, but the team you have can be said to be great. With pro players, you don’t have to think about egoism or AFK players.

3. Team Composition Is Important

Usually, the Mobile Legends game requires a hero to early and late games. Not only that, there must also be tanks, carry, and support. All of these components are mandatory so that you have a balanced team composition.

You can use hero mages to be placed as support. Then, choose a hero with abilities defense qualified to be placed as tank. Finally, play the marksman or assassin hero for position carry.

Of course, each role does not only have a main task. You can even put a marksman or assassin hero in position support. In addition, you can choose a hero fighter to fill the position tankers, while hero tanker you can use it as offlaner. It all depends on the meta and the conditions you use.

4. Solo play? It’s OK, but not too often

Like to play solo? It’s okay, but you will find it difficult push rank if you play solo too often. You can go up rank to warriors with a solo play system. However, if you keep playing with this concept, up tier to Epic and beyond will be difficult.

In addition to playing with friends, you can consider playing as a pro in the Mobile Legends game. Choose a team that really understands about this one game so that your steps will go up rank could be easier.

5. Understand Mapping

When it comes to the Mobile Legends game, maps or folder that’s very important. Through folder, you can tell if the team is roaming or already started teamfight. So, cooperation can be formed better and winning matches becomes easier.

So that you can more easily monitor the team or the way war, you need to do mapping. How easy is it; just swipe the screen in the direction you want. Later, the screen display changes and you can see other team members.

6. Understand the Counter Hero System

The concept of a thick strategy in the MOBA game makes it mandatory for you to understand the system counter hero for each hero you use. For example, when the enemy chooses to use a meta hero, you can use counter hero from the hero earlier.

That said, this is quite crucial because each hero in the Mobile Legends game must have a weakness. For example, if the enemy chooses to use Natalia’s hero, you can use Rafaela’s or Saber’s heroes. Both are counter from the hero Natalia.

7. Don’t Just Choose Hero

not much player Mobile Legends who know how difficult it is push rank one of them is also caused by the origin of the hero’s recovery. For example, you are more likely to use a marksman hero when war. In fact, you have been told that the composition of the hero is very important.

Balance in choosing a hero can make you go up rank easier. As explained earlier, it would be better if you play with the system counter heroes. So, you know what the opposing team’s weaknesses are.

8. No need to hurry

Actually, you don’t have to rush to go up ranks, especially if it’s still early seasons. The reason is, you will actually lose to pro players who are chasing the Top Global title in Mobile Legends. The challenge is big, but chance you lose just as much.

Well, those were some easy ways push rank in games Mobile Legends. Guaranteed, you will be fast mythic! Well, before playing, make sure you have upgrade hero wear skin newest, yes! So, power your hero is getting better!

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