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How to Play Pro Hero Aldous Mobile Legends!

  1. Choose Upper or Lower Lane

Lane is a pretty important thing for heroes in the Mobile Legends game. For how to play Pro Hero Aldous Mobile Legends, we suggest you choose Upper or Lower Lane. You try to be solo or alone in the lane because this is so that you can freely kill the Minions and Buffs in the lane. This will also make you have quite a lot of Gold.

  1. Often Last Hit Minion and Buff With Skill 1

This is indeed a very important thing for Aldous, because if you do or kill minions and buffs with last hits using Skill 1. Then you will add a Stack that makes Aldous’s damage even more painful. To kill 1 Minion, you will get 3Stack and the Maximal Stack on Aldous is 500. Just imagine if Aldous has reached the Maximal Stack and has the right Build for big damage. Marksman can only be killed with a few hits

3. Build the Best Aldous Hero

In addition, Aldous’s Passive will give Absorb when his third hit is launched and this Absorb will belong to Aldous according to the damage that Aldous gives to the enemy.

  1. Avoid Heroes Who Have Crowd Control

This last thing is pretty good for you to avoid when you are in an open war. Even though you already have a fairly large damage in the late game. Enemies who have Crowd Control skills will automatically target you. If you have been hit by Crowd control skills and are ganged by the enemy. You don’t panic if you still have Skill 2 and Spell, just use it to escape. An example is Franco who is able to make Aldous silent for a few seconds with his Ulti.
So, those are tips on how to play pro hero Aldous Mobile Legends. Author riza Kurniawan

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