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How to Play Nana Mobile Legends to Keep Winning

Cute cat ear mage Nana Mobile Legends is one of the support hero which you must face to face a battle that is hard to win. Mix effect stun and disable and immunity in skills Her passive makes Nana suitable as a support when facing tough opponents.

Who said hero support not the best choice? This is the strategy for playing with Nana so that your team can win continuously.

Nana’s Best Emblem

Nana's Emblem

Custom Mage is a recommendation Nana emblem to improve its best quality, such as magic power and speed. Nana can use Impure Rage to inflict damage bigger when using this emblem. There are also additional 3 points each for agility and catastrophe.

Nana can also use the Magic Emblem to get an additional 2 points energy which can be exchanged for where. You can also upgrade magical damage when Nana launches an attack using Power Surge.

Nana’s Spell Recommend

Nana's best spell

As support heroes, Nana Mobile Legends need some spell in order to stay alive and successfully cut down the opponent. Here are some recommendations spell for Nana.

1. Flicker

Flicker is spell useful for escaping from enemies in an instant (blink). This is important for Nana who really doesn’t have escape skills special. However, time cooldown for Flicker is quite long, which is about 120 seconds.

2. Flameshot

Flameshot is suitable as battle spells for supporting heroes like Nana. With Flameshot, Nana can launch ranged attacks in a state of emergency or as last hits. Flameshot can also create a slow effect on the opponent for 0.5 seconds.

3. Purify

As a Mage with the role supporting heroes, Nana can be said to be weak against skilled opponents crowd control so easy to beat. Purify is spell Nana’s best when surrounded by multiple opponents with abilities crowd control. Purify also helps Nana to escape easily when surrounded.

4. Sprint

If running away isn’t enough, Sprint can help. Spell this will increase Nana’s movement speed and prevent her from being affected by the slowing effect of the opponent’s attack.

5. Execute

Finally, don’t forget spell who could help Nana in the most desperate of circumstances, especially when escaping was quite difficult. Execute is spell to create true damage through powerful attacks when HP is low.

Ideal Skill Combo

Counter Hero Nana

Make sure you know skill combos Nana to create the maximum attack results. Before using it, first get to know some skills Nana as follows:

1. Passive: Molina’s Gift

Nana has skills passive that grants him a Transformative State for 2 seconds after death. When in this state, Nana will gain an additional 70 percent speed, 10 percent HP recovery, and immunity to damage. However, Nana can’t use skills any active.

2. Skill 1: Magic Boomerang

Nana can throw Magic Boomerang weapons that inflict magic damage by 200 to 300 points (+100 percent of Total Magic Power). Meanwhile, enemies behind the target will experience a 40 percent decrease in speed for 1 second.

3. Skill 2: Molina Smooch

Molina Smooch will lock the enemy, sending magic damage by 250 points (+50 percent of Total Magic Power), reduces magic defense, and slows movement by up to 70 percent.

4. Ultimate Skill: Molina Blitz

Skills Nana’s strongest is to use Molina to attack three specific points. Each sends alloy magic damage and the ability to slow down enemy movements with one attack. However, if you manage to launch two attacks on the same enemy, the result is a freeze effect (stun) for a second.

There are two combinations skill combos which you can use to launch devastating attacks. Use Skill 2 + Skill 1 before Ultimate Skill and basic attack. If it’s not effective, try Ultimate Skill + Skill 1 + Skill 2 + basic attacks.

Counter Hero What to Watch Out for

Nana's Combo SkillsAs supporting heroes, Nana has some counter hero which you should watch out for. Here are some counter hero Nana.

1. Lesley

As a Marksman-type fighter, Lesley can attack Nana from a distance. Lesley also has ultimate skills strong capable of breaking through defenses skills passive Nana.

2. Hayabusa

One of the most feared Assassin fighters, Hayabusa can easily catch up with Nana while trying to escape. Hayabusa can quickly catch up and kill Nana using War Ax and Quad Shadow.

3. Ling

Ling is one of the newest Assassins to be able to evade Nana’s Molina attacks. He also moves fast and is able to catch up with Nana after this last one runs out skills passive.

4. Kagura

Fellow fighter Mage Kagura can kill Nana using an attack with burst damage big. Kagura can also use Flameshot to kill Nana when Nana runs out skills passive.

Additional Tips for Nana to Win

Hero Nana Mobile Legend

Master all skills, emblems, and spell not enough! As supporting heroes, Nana Mobile Legends need more battle strategies so as not to die easily and be able to bring victory. Here are some useful tips:

1. Focus on Leveling Up

Avoid playing alone and make sure you are always close to the team. At the start of the match, take advantage of your position to focus on leveling up. Buy Elegant Gems so you can quickly recover HP and where.

2. Unleash the ultimate skill when with the team

Stay with the team even if you have reached the middle and the end of the game. Make sure you are with the team when releasing skills ultimate and do build items as quickly as possible so that Nana can launch two attacks using Molina at once.

3. Make sure your passive skill is always full

Skills Nana’s passive must be full so that she can quickly escape and not die easily. Make sure you always check it, especially when doing turret diving. Avoid playing too aggressively when skills passive is not full.

Nana may be “just” support heroes, but he can give you an extra advantage when playing, especially in a team. Use Nana Mobile Legends so that you can survive to the end.

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