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How to Play Harvest Moon Valley Village on PPSSPP Android

Good morning gamezero friends, this time the admin will share a tutorial on how to play the Harvest Moon Valley Village game on ppsspp Android. First thing to prepare:

  1. The ppsspp application can be downloaded at here
  2. Iso Harvest Moon Valley Village can be downloaded at here

If all the materials have been prepared, the first thing to do is install the PPSSPP application, the installation method is like installing Android applications in general. this is the result after installation


to make it easier to do browsing on gamesshould be done in folder easy to find


after that open the application ppsspp nya, point to game folder that was prepared earlier, then press on the game image.


If successful it will look like thisphoto6172742253991274896

That’s all from gamezero, if there are problems, you can comment in the column below

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