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Arknights Reportedly Will Soon Enter Southeast Asia Region

Arknights Reportedly Will Soon Enter Southeast Asia Region. The game that is currently quite popular among weeds, namely Arknights, is rumored to be coming soon in Southeast Asia or the SEA server.

Reported from Discord YO! Inacia, he expressed his gratitude for the support provided. They have also received feedback from players and are planning to release the game in the SEA region.

For now, this game cannot be downloaded through the Play Store, so many Indonesian gamers download it through the QooApp site. This game is quickly gaining popularity and is even predicted to be able to shift the popularity of FGO or Granblue Fantasy games.


Arknights is a Tower Defense game from the same developer as Azur Lane, namely Yostar. This game is quite popular because there are various cool characters with famous voice actors from Japan. And although the gameplay looks simple, it’s actually quite difficult to play.

For now, there is no definite release date for the SEA server, but with this announcement of course we just have to wait.

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