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How to play and tips to stay afloat

Don’t Starve Together is a survival game in the middle of the jungle with the support of science and magic. This game is a development of the previous game Don’t Starve. In the game, you will be Wilson—a brave scientist who was captured by the Devil and then thrown into the wilderness.

Wilson’s job is to study the environment around him and the inhabitants there, then attempt to escape. He had to find his way home. Full of danger and surprise, that’s how Wilson feels in this game. In order to survive, players must know Don’t Starve Together guide.

What is Don’t Starve Game?

dont starve together recipe

Don’t Starve is a game developed by game developer indie, Klei Entertainment. The game was released on April 23, 2022. Games with fashion survival it is played with help mouse and keyboard. However, you can also play it with support gamepad default so that it gives the impression of a console.

The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. Player achievements will be indicated by the number of days that can be passed. In games You will also see the progress notes of the player, namely Wilson. Besides Wilson, you can unlock other characters, namely Willow and Woodie. To do so, you need a certain amount of experience points.

There is a cycle of day and night in games. During the day, players explore the world, collecting various resources, including food and firewood. Players can also create items using craft recipes. Items used to fight enemies, build houses, or make food.

At night, players must fight a dangerous and invisible monster, namely Charlie. This monster appears when the screen starts to darken. Well, in order not to be attacked by Charlie, the player must provide a light source. In the game, one day is counted for 8 minutes of real time.

The rules that apply in Don’t Starve are slightly different from Don’t Starve Together. In Don’t Starve Together guide, the number of players who can play this game can reach tens of people. In addition, there are more available characters, namely Winona, Wortox, Wurt, and Walter.

Don’t Starve Together Guide for Beginners

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In order to survive, you must know Don’t Starve Together guide. Unlike the original, the game Don’t Starve Together can be played with up to six friends on a local network. You can also meet dozens of other people on the server on line. In addition, you can interact with all players through the features chat, even see the emotions they show.

Well, here are some things you can do while playing games Don’t Starve and can survive.

Making Equipment

To be able to survive To survive at night, you must of course have adequate equipment. Therefore, the first thing that needed to be done was to make equipment. Tools such as Ax are very useful for mining stones or chopping trees to use as basic materials for building houses.

Collecting Materials

Once you have the equipment, collect the required materials. For example, get tree logs when cutting trees to use as material science machines. However, science machine can be useful if added with boulder of stone. Cut grass can also be used as a campfire or torch.

Sleep To Increase Sanity

Sanity is the main system in games which looks like a brain symbol. Sanity can decrease if you are near enemies, eat rotten food, or are in night mode. Well, one way to improve sanity is to get enough sleep.

In order to do this, you must first collect a lot of food. Thus, players can rest without worrying and when they wake up they can immediately eat food. This activity can improve the health and fitness of the character being played.

How to Survive in Don’t Starve

dont starve together beginner guide

Survival in Don’t Starve is the main task of the player. There are various ways you can try to survive longer. Check out the following review.

Focus On The First Week

Based on Don’t Starve Together guide, the first week is the most vulnerable week. Here, players still have limited resources so they can’t protect themselves well.

What you should not neglect is choosing the right character. Then, search flint, grassand saplings. These ingredients were used in Don’t Starve Together recipe to make items needed for survival, especially in the first week.

Best Position Making Base

Don’t Starve Together another tip is to find the best location to make a base. The best position is near the road because it can monitor the source of danger quickly. You can also choose to be near the rabbit’s nest so it’s easy to find food sources. This strategy will make it easier for you to survive, especially in winter.

Have Support Device

Don’t Starve Together beginner guide the other is to ensure the availability of supporting devices. One of them, Backpack to increase inventory. Then, have too log suit and spear. This item is useful for increasing defense when dealing with monsters. Don’t forget, make items important like hammer.

After having all the supporting equipment, the player’s task is to go around looking for groceries and other necessities. Important food ingredients include: carrots and berries. Use this material to fill the status hunger. However, cooked food ingredients give a better effect. Make sure you also fight monsters so you don’t die in the game.

So, here are some tips that you can do when playing Don’t Starve. By paying attention to Don’t Starve Together guide, you can survive longer. However, before doing top up Steam Wallet balance first so you can play games this. The method is very easy and practical through UniPin. Have a nice play!

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