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Black Desert Online Class: Which is the Best?

Played Black Desert Online is not something easy. Moreover, considering there are 23 class different in various ways grinding to get all of it. Every class has its own uniqueness, both in terms of combos, strategies, and playing styles. So, at the very least, you should try about 3 or 4 of them before deciding class main.

Well, how to determine Black Desert Online class the most appropriate for you? This guide will help you choose class best. Listen carefully, yes!

Anything class What’s in Black Desert Online?

type of class black desert online

This one game is designed with balance so that nothing class who outperformed class other explicitly. However, before finding out class the right one for your needs, you should know all Black Desert Online class which is available. Here’s a list of types black desert class Online by gender:

class Man

  1. Warrior
  2. Wizard
  3. Ninja
  4. Hashashin
  5. Archer
  6. Striker
  7. Moses
  8. Berserker
  9. Sage

class Woman

  1. Shai
  2. Mystic
  3. Corsair
  4. Kunoichi
  5. Maehwa
  6. Valkyrie
  7. Dark Knight
  8. lahn
  9. witch
  10. Nova
  11. Guardian
  12. Tamer
  13. Sorceress
  14. Rangers

Black Desert Online class Best for PvE and PvP Mode

black desert online best class

3 class Best for PvE

In addition to being easy to use, Striker is able to produce damage tall. class it also gives damage AOE (Areas of Effect) which is amazing, even as a type melee (at close range).

Hashashin is often forgotten because the combos are very complex and difficult to use. However, if able to master it properly, Hashashin is in the ranks class for grinding The best PvE.

Position Black Desert Online best class for the next PvE goes to Lahn. class this is type meleebut can attack from a distance and can wipe out enemies in a wide area.

3 class Best for PvP

You could say, Ninja is the undisputed king in 1vs1 mode in this game. His abilities are unique and flexible. class This can disappear as a defensive move or a counter attack. Ninjas also have damage incredible single target.

class It’s not only easy to control, it’s also capable of producing different combos.damage high with AoE as well as attack stun. This is what makes the Sorceress excel in 1vs1 mode.

As one of the class todamage highest with melee attacks, Ranger is able to defeat the enemy quickly. class it can shower the enemy with skills distance, then attack the weakened target with melee.

List class Tier in Black Desert Online

black desert online class tier

All Black Desert Online class categorized into 5 groups, starting from S, A, B, C, to D. Want to know how they are divided? Come on, see Black Desert Online class tier following!

Tier S

Pros: Wide attack range and damage high for PvE, able to defeat weaker group of players in Guild vs Guild, adaptable and able to fight anywhere and in any situation.

Strengths: Best in PvE in terms of toughness and strength, has immunity magic and high resistance, strong attack and Awakening abilities.

Weaknesses: Lost duels with Kunoichi or Ninja in terms of DPS, easily provoked in PvP by class long range, not very durable in Guild vs Guild.

Pros: Fast and efficient in completing PvE, have control, damage tall and invulnerable magiceasy to learn and play.

Weaknesses: Focus on Guild vs. Guild, not suitable for fighting class skilled in dueling, difficult to overcome high level PvE.

Tier A

Pros: Have health abundant, excels in Grab and CC (Crowd Control), has high mobility and damage flexible for PvE and PvP.

Weaknesses: Limited ranged attack options, hard to produce damage high in PvE, it takes good skill to play it in a duel.

Pros: Balanced strength and durability, easy to learn and install gearconsistent in both PvE and PvP.

Weaknesses: Very difficult to use for duels, easily overwhelmed against many players and class strong, only shows its true strength when late game.

Advantages: Very high burst and balanced strength, durable and reliable, damage passable when combo dan skills can be mastered.

Weaknesses: CC ability is weak, requires high skill to excel, weak against class distance or magic.

Tier B

Pros: CC is good for small-scale PvP, very agile, has pet strong.

Weaknesses: Easy to target in Guild vs Guild, very fragile.

Pros: Very high strength in PvE, ability buff and heal better than class other.

Weaknesses: Fragile, lowest dueling ability.

Pros: Suitable for various battles, good for teams grinding and PvP.

Weaknesses: Already nerfed since release, unobtrusive in any fashion.

Pros: Incredible CC power, top tier PvE ability, has potential in Guild vs Guild.

Weaknesses: Fragile, easy to target in Guild vs Guild, requires good skills to control it.

Tier C

Strengths: Reliable long-range fighter, can defeat many enemies if he can Burst from afar, versatile.

Weaknesses: Linear attacks so hard to grindinglacking CC capability.

Superiority: Magic damage high, the AoE range is very wide.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to class duel or melee with CC, only excel when late game.

Superiority: Damage strong range, good for lure enemies.

Weaknesses: Easy to beat a lot classit takes a long time to master it.

Tier D

Pros: Can slide over obstacles, combos are easy to use.

Weaknesses: Fragile and low accuracy.

Pros: Excellent duel fighter, can disappear, superior to Ninja in terms of distance and CC.

Weaknesses: Fragile like glass.

Pros: Duel power is extraordinary, can disappear.

Weaknesses: Easy to defeat if hit spell AoE, sluggish at PvE, poor rangeability.

That’s all Black Desert Online class which is available. Choice class will depend on your comfort level, playing style, and the type of combat you want. Some excel in PvP, while others dominate PvE.

So, of all class listed above, which one is your favorite and why? Be sure to write down the answer in the following comments column, OK!

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