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How to Phish Mobile Legends Account 2022

How to Phish Mobile Legends Account

How to Phish Mobile Legends Account – There have been so many cases of burglary or hacking on ML or Mobile Legends game accounts lately.

The problem is mostly due to the fact that ML or Mobile Legends game players are still unfamiliar with a hacking technique called the “Phishing Method”.

This hacking technique with Phishing is one type of hacking technique that is often used to trick the victim through a login page, which is made similar to the original login page.

Login access such as email addresses and passwords will be sent directly to the hacker’s email after the victim enters the hacker’s Phishing page.

Therefore, you as Mobile Legends game players need to be even more careful so you don’t get hit by this hacking technique called Phishing.

It’s not easy to log in to a website or application that has a pattern that will provide frills to get Mobile Legends skins or diamonds for free.

Yes, because it is certain that these are all phishing websites belonging to the hackers.

And this time especially for you, just in case! We will share how to phish the following Mobile Legends or ML account.

How to Phish Mobile Legends Account

How to Phishing an Easy Mobile Legends Account

How to Phish Mobile Legends Account
How to Phishing an Easy Mobile Legends Account

Phishing is a form of crime by having a fraud mode, the perpetrators of this phishing will make the victim immediately attracted by a very tempting offer.

But without the victim knowing, if the offer is just a cover to be able to launch a fraudulent action.

The fraud that will be carried out can be anything, in this case it is your Mobile Legends game account data.

This phishing will be one way to carry out digital crimes that are so easy to do.

And the following are details of how to phish Mobile Legends accounts that are often done by these hackers:

1. Create a Phishing Website

For this step, it will be the most important and important part in this series of methods.

Yes, because this step will be able to make an appearance on the webiste page to make an offer which will eventually lead to the theft of the ML or Mobile Legends game account.

  • Please open the following Phishing Website page:
  • After that select Get Started, then choose one that does not use access fees.
  • Next register using your Google account.
  • Then follow the entire usage guide from this website, until a Create a New Site option appears.
  • Please fill in all the fields that have appeared, such as the name of the phishing website and the password.
  • If you have filled everything in, then select Create.
  • Next select the File Manager option and upload the following files: Phishing Web Scripts.
  • Then select Extract.
  • If you have extracted the file, a new selection will appear and click Open.
  • Next select a file called email.php or it could be set.php, then select the Edit option.
  • And you enter an existing email address with your own email address.
  • Done.

2. Next Send Phishing Links

The link that you will use is the URL of the phishing website page that you created earlier, for this method it is very easy to do.

All you have to do is send the URL to the Facebook group, Discord or something like that, if it’s all you have to do is wait for someone to successfully enter the link, and also fill in the Mobile Legend data.

3. How to get an account

If anyone is interested and decides to fill in their Mobile Legend data into a phishing website.

You will immediately receive an email message and be able to immediately secure the phishing ML or Mobile Legends game account.

And that way the victim will not be able to return his Mobile Legend account, because you have taken over.

The final word

You won’t know for sure if someone is immediately interested in clicking the link that has been shared and also filling in the Mobile Legend data.

So you can add sweeteners such as getting Gift Skins, Diamonds, and others so that the victim is more attracted.

However, of course it would be nice if you made this article just as an education, so you can be even more careful in caring for your Mobile Legend account.

If you actually hack someone else’s Mobile Legends account, it will certainly be detrimental to the victim, who may have done millions or even push rank overnight.

That’s the whole content of our review in this article about how to phish a Mobile Legends account. That’s all and good luck.

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