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How to Optimize Olivia Free Fire's Abilities in Games

What character do you find attractive to games Free Fire? Games this one is indeed increasingly popular because it features characters with skills unique. One of them is Olivia Free Fire, which began to be used in early 2022. Olivia is depicted as the figure of a woman wearing a nurse’s outfit.

Profession Olivia is the head nurse at a hospital. He is tough, disciplined and happy to help. He is also humble and often helps his subordinates who are in trouble. This character is also described as polite so that many people love him. Olivia is Ford’s lover, character games others in Free Fire.

Rarely Used In Games

olivia free fire character

Apparently, Olivia is a character that is considered rarely used by Free Fire players. What is the reason? Come on, see more here.

Skills Are Less Effective

Many players think that skills Olivia turned out to be less effective to use, especially under certain conditions. This is because scaling not high enough. If you do revive in the middle of a war, it would definitely be very dangerous.

Because of that, players usually do revive at the end of the game or when the enemy is not there. On that occasion, Olivia could directly use the medkit to do heal quickly.

Depends On Knock

If no one in the team experiences it knock, skills Olivia would be of no use. The problem is, if someone knock, the enemy often kills him immediately. Because of that, players must make sure it happens knock without being killed by the enemy so Olivia can use skills-his.

Can’t Play Solo

Olivia Free Fire abilities is to help the affected team members knock. Otherwise, it will do nothing. Because of that, Olivia had to play in a team and couldn’t play solo. If playing solo, skills won’t be as useful as it should be.

Olivia’s Free Fire Ability

olivia free fire ability

Olivia comes with skills main that is Healing Touch. Olivia’s Free Fire skill allows her to increase the blood or HP of friends in her team. Skills the other is to do revive namely healing or reviving his teammates.

To be more useful, Olivia must experience upgrade. However, needed fragment enough to do this. You can get fragment by playing this character more often in the game.

Olivia’s ability will increase along with the level passed. At level 1, this character will be able to do revive while giving the player an extra 6 HP.

At level 2, Olivia gives an extra 12 HP. At level 3, Olivia gives an extra 18 HP. At level 4, Olivia gives an extra 24 HP. At level 5, the Intern Set will be unlocked. At level 6, Olivia gives an extra 30 HP. Lastly, at level 7, Olivia gets Achievements.

Skills Rarely Used in Free Fire

olivia free fire

If discussing skills which is rarely used, actually not only Healing Touch from Olivia alone which is less effective. There are several other characters who are not really able to take advantage of their abilities for several reasons.

Kla’s Boxing Ability

Like ability revive Olivia had, Kla’s ability was also rarely used. What caused it? Actually, Kla’s appearance is quite attractive and has abilities fighting qualified, especially Muay Thai martial arts.

However, his boxing abilities are often useless because many players are reluctant to enter the battlefield without weapons. Fighting in a shooting game without owning a gun is sure to backfire on the character himself.

Medkit Maxim Acceleration

In fact, skills Maxim’s gluttony is quite useful and can even be used more than once in a game. The problem is, the impact of skills this is not too pronounced for the user. Gluttony is the ability to speed up characters in using Medkits. However, because it is only half a second from the original, this ability is not very pronounced.

Tips for Playing Olivia Free Fire for Optimal

olivia free fire skills

Even though it’s called having skills which is not effective, you can still try to use this character. For that, consider the following tips first.

Don’t Mix with Ford

One of the things you shouldn’t do is mix this character with Ford. Actually, Ford is Olivia’s lover. However, skills of the two turned out to be difficult to put together. As a result, cooperation becomes more difficult.

Olivia is in charge of doing revive and add blood. However, to do the task takes time and requires a safe place. Meanwhile, Ford likes to be out of the safe zone. The reason, he will be stronger if exposed to enemy attacks.

If Ford experiences knockOlivia will have a hard time doing revive because the location is definitely outside the safe zone. Therefore, Ford and Olivia are less effective when put together.

Maximize In Battle Between Squads

Another tip you need to do is use Olivia as part of a team. This character will be very helpful when team members experience knock being attacked by an opponent. However, make sure you do revive under possible conditions. After experiencing reviveteam members can continue the fight.

Choose the Best Combination of Olivia Characters

In game squad, there are several characters that actually fit with Olivia, among them Kapella and Antonio. In addition, there is also Kelly who will help team members to move faster. With Kelly’s help, the whole team will be able to be rescued much faster.

Don’t Waste Extra HP

Many consider the extra HP given by Olivia to be useless. In fact, in fact this extra HP can be capital for team members who have just been recruited.revive to continue the fight.

So, here’s what you need to know about Olivia Free Fire and tips to make the most of it in combat. Don’t forget to do top up diamond first through UniPin easily and flexibly so that the playing experience is more enjoyable. May be useful!

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