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How to Make Phishing FF 2022

How to Make Phishing FF
How to Make Phishing FF – For those of you who really want to know how to create a FF or Free Fire phishing link, in this article, we will share a special method for you.
Free Fire or FF is one of the popular online games on Android Smartphone devices, because it has a variety of graphics and also very interesting features.

With its popularity, it is able to make so many people want to hack Free Fire accounts belonging to other people or other gamers, especially for novice players.

Because to be able to play this Free Fire online game, you must collect coins first.

So that later it can be exchanged to buy various items, so that it is much easier for you to play.

The way you can do to do this hack is to create a phishing website account. so that you can do the phishing process on other people’s FF accounts.

You can do this Free Fire phishing website or site very easily, and even for beginners.

Before going to the process of how to do it, there are several materials and tools that you must provide, including hosting.

The Free Fire phishing script and also the e-mail address that you will later use to receive the results of the phishing.

You just go to how to make Phishing FF or Free Fire below.

How to Make Phishing FF

How to Make Phishing FF or Free Fire

How to Make Phishing FF
How to Make Phishing FF or Free Fire

Here are the steps on how to make Phishing FF or Free Fire that you can follow:

  • Download and also install Free Fire phishing script or FF Bandit Script.
  • If you have successfully installed it, then do the process of extracting the successvk and succesfb files on your PC or Android device.
  • However, we advise you to use only PC devices, because it will be much easier to do.
  • After that, edit the e-mail.php file in the wmailku section, then fill it with your e-mail address, after that save it using a text editor.
  • Please re-compress the file that you edited with the zip format emamaki.
  • Next, you create a Free Fire OOOwebhost phishing website on your Android device, by registering for hosting on the 000webhost page.
  • Then to be able to make the domain, then you fill in the data in the column that is already available via the following link: CLICK.
  • Then you click the Manage Website option, then upload the script contained in the folder, then change or move the director, after that you tap on the change option to the public_html folder, and there are 20 elements there, then click move.
  • Please create a folder using the name index.php, then the Free Fire or FF phishing website has been successfully created, and can be distributed to several existing platforms, such as social media or chat applications.

To be able to determine whether you can access the phishing link, then please try to open it, so that the generator display appears.

And with that, later you will be asked to log into your Facebook account, then click get now, then you enter your e-mail address and password.

After that you check whether there is an inbox for a new login username and password or not.

If it’s been successful, then go ahead for you to spread the phishing link or do it directly to the victim so that you can get your Free Fire account.

The final word

The method above, you can use to create a Free Fire phishing link and it’s also easy for you to do even for beginners.

However, we recommend that you use it only for learning, don’t use it for things that can harm others.

Because if you do it to do hacking or hacking, then it’s a criminal act or crime.

That was our entire discussion in this article about how to Create Phishing FF. That’s all and good luck.

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