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How to Hijack FF 2022 Account

How to Hijack FF Account

How to Hijack FF Account – Currently, the Free Fire game is still popular among battle royale game lovers.

Moreover, in Indonesia itself, the number of game users is increasing day by day.

With the increase in players, there are also more and more ways to cheat that some FF players do, such as cheats in games to make it easy to win, hack dimaond, and even hijack the FF account.

And some of these actions have been done by many FF players today to be able to get their own wishes.

Hacking or hijacking other people’s Free Fire is a fraudulent and illegal act, which is mostly done by FF players with the aim of being able to seize Free Fire accounts for free.

Maybe for those of you who are curious how? You can see the review below until it runs out.

Discussion on How to Hijack an FF Account

Fire Fire is a game developed by Garena with a myriad of players around the world. Garena regularly shares the latest content in the game.

In this game it has a rank system and microtransactions which can make players have a high rank.

Therefore, having a high rank and lots of diamonds or becoming a sultan in the game, that is one of the wishes of the players.

Therefore, many Free Fire players have used various ways to hijack FF accounts to get the sultan’s Free Fire account.

This is one way that is illegal which is already happening a lot today. Curious? let’s look at this review.

How to Hijack FF Account

How to Hijack FF Account With Web Phishing

How to Hijack FF Account
How to Hijack FF Account With Web Phishing

The following are the steps for how to hijack an FF account that you can do via your cellphone or laptop:

  • The first step, please prepare your Smartphone or Laptop and more importantly is an internet connection.
  • Then visit the site that we have shared (
  • Next, please create an account on 000webshot first or you can also log in using a Facebook or Gmail account.
  • If you choose the sign up option, then make sure you have successfully verified the email you registered.
  • After successfully verified, then you click the “Create Your First Website” button, then create the website name you want. To be more reliable, you should use a web name that is similar to FF or Free Fire.
  • On the dashboard of the website, please scroll down until you find the “Upload Now” button.
  • Then please upload the phishing web script that you downloaded earlier, then you click Select and just upload it.
  • After the upload process is complete, you can immediately click Extract, then let it finish.
  • Next, click 2x on the folder that was created earlier, select all the files in the folder. Then move the FF phishing file into the already available Public_html.
  • Then choose Public_html > Select This > Close > Move to move, after all the files have been successfully moved, edit email.php by clicking on the file for a few seconds until a new menu appears then click edit again and change the existing email to your email, then click Save&Close.
  • Until this website is successfully created, the next step is to spread the phishing web link to the target you want.
  • If the victim or other person clicks on the link you created and then fills in their FF account data. Then automatically the account data will be entered into the email that you have previously set.
  • Done.

The final word

Those are the steps that we have shared above, therefore you will not be confused or have trouble anymore.

If you want to try it, just follow the steps above and if this information is important you can share it with your friends.

We do not recommend it, because it is illegal and prohibited by Garena. And be careful there is a possibility that your account will be banned by Garena.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to hijack FF account. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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