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How to Hide History ML, Anti Lose Strike Again!

Push Rank Mobile Legends lost? Here is How Hide History ML.

Mobile Legends is really fun to play. Especially if this game made by Moonton is played together with your friends. Mobile Legends is known to have many types of games in it.

Starting from Ranked Match, Classic, Brawl to AI. Every time you compete in the game, there will be a record related to the match. Examples such as whether you win or lose.

You will be able to see the record of winning or losing in ML for yourself or even someone else. This indirectly allows someone to see your match history in the game.

If you continue to win, of course this will be very proud and fun. However, how will it continue to lose alias losing streak? Of course this would be a little embarrassing. What’s more, other people can see your match history.

But you don’t need to worry, because there is one way to hide the results of the Mobile Legends match, aka Hide History ML. In this article, Halogame will show you how? Curious? Check below.

How to Hide History ML

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Spam Mode Brawl and AI

How to Hide Mobile Legends Match Results
Mobile Legends | Masyamsu

This first method is proven to be able to hide your defeat in Mobile Legends. Matches in Brawl and AI modes are actually quite easy for us to win. Moreover, the opponent we will face is not someone else but an AI.

In addition, Barwl spam and AI can also restore credit scores after playing bad enough before. Most players use this method to hide their defeat in Ranked Match mode.

Victory from this mode will cover your defeat in Ranked Match mode. Just spam until it’s no longer visible in your account’s match history

Update Hide History ML by Moonton!

How to Hide Mobile Legends Match Results
Mobile Legends | Bungdus
  • Update the Mobile Legends game on your Smartphone
  • Open the Mobile Legends game
  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner
  • Click menu Privacy
  • Tick ​​or enable options Hide Story
  • Restart the Mobile Legends game
  • Reopen the game and see your match history
  • Done

Now, That’s How to Hide History ML. This method is still working as of the time of this writing. We will continue to update the way to hide this if indeed one day there will be a new way that also works.

sources: road rat

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