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How to Hack PUBG Skin 2022

How to Hack PUBG Skins

How to Hack PUBG Skins – Did you know that you can get skins for free without having to buy a UC first?.

If you already know it, maybe you can skip the tutorial that we will share this time.

Or on the contrary, those of you who don’t know it and don’t have so much money, but want to have a premium PUBG skin for free, can join it.

According to some people, the PUBG skin is a very unique thing, the player character you use will be much cooler when using the PUBG skin.

There are several kinds of PUBG skins that you can change, such as: weapon skins (Glacier M416, Brillian M416, and the like), and character skins (yeti characters and the like).

Now for this latest season of PUBG, it turns out that you can get skins for free and for free.

Maybe you have been eyeing a certain PUBG skin for a long time, but don’t worry you can get it for free, it only takes a little effort, namely by downloading and installing a VPN.

Why do you need a VPN application to be able to open the skins in PUBG? Because in one country.

If you log in to your PUBG account there as a PUBG player, then you will get a bonus skin automatically. So if you are curious about how to get a PUBG Moblie skin, you can listen to how to hack PUBG skins below.

How to Hack PUBG Skins

How to Hack PUBG Skin with VPN Connection

How to Hack PUBG Skins
How to Hack PUBG Skin with VPN Connection

No need to linger any longer, just go to the steps on how to hack PUBG skin with a VPN connection below:

  • First of all, please download and install the VPN application via the following link: VPN, here we use the application Panda VPN.
  • If you have successfully installed it, please open the application, then change the country name to Taiwan.
  • If you have successfully connected, then you open your PUBG Mobile.
  • Then open the messaging menu or messages in the lower corner, later there you will immediately get free items in the form of clothes, hats, something, pants, bonus classic coupons and several other types of coupons.
  • After that you click take all, and now you have a lot of new items on the inventory menu.
  • Then you go to the inventory menu, and find a classic purple coupon.
  • Next you press and use or use.
  • Then you will enter the skin option, press open once or not once at the bottom to curse the classic coupon.

If you are lucky, you will get free skins such as the Brilliant M416 Gradation skin in blue pink which is really cool, if the skin was purchased through UC bajalan it is very expensive. If you have managed to get the desired skin, please delete the Panda VPN application that has been downloaded earlier, and please play as usual on Asian servers without a VPN app.

The method above can also be used to get the latest Glacier M416 PUBG Mobile skin.

For those of you who really want to get a free PUBG Mobile skin but don’t want to be complicated to download any application, you can follow the tutorial on how to get a skin without a VPN application below:

  • Please redeem Silver Fragments using klSIK chests.
  • Get a compensation from the returner and update the Royal Pass (will be obtained when you haven’t logged in PUBG for a long time)
  • Follow all PUBG events that are held.
  • Make the best use of Achievements to get items in the form of BP, weapon skins, coupon fragments, coupons, silver fragments and others.
  • Unlock premium Crates or chests.

The final word

How so easy? It’s enough that you just log in once using the VPN application to Taiwan, you can get the classic coupon bonus, then you use it.

Now you can show off your items to your team or friends while playing together.

We need to remind you! Do not use the method that we share for things that can harm other people or other PUBG players.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to hack PUBG skins. That’s all and good luck.

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