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How to Hack PUBG 2022 Account

How to Hack PUBG Account

How to Hack PUBG Account – PUBG is one of the battle royal games that is growing rapidly in all countries and especially for gamers lovers.

Who doesn’t know this game, especially now that this PUBG game is available on your smartphone on all devices.

This game is equipped with quality game play and attractive graphics, which makes this game very popular, especially now that it is available on smartphones so that more and more people like it.

This game is also available with so many items such as clothing skins, vehicle skins, weapon skins, and so many others and you can get it for free if it’s hockey but if you want to get a better one you have to use the currency in PUBG mobile in a top way up.

Because this game is so good and cool, so many people want to get a free account by hacking other people’s accounts.

Then how do you hack someone else’s pubg account?

How to Hack PUBG Account

How to Hack PUBG Account Using Phishing Method on Android Phone

How to Hack PUBG Account
How to Hack PUBG Account Using Phishing Method on Android Phone
Phishing is a hacking method by which we create a fake web login page with an html phishing script to get other people’s passwords and emails.

You are curious how? Here we will explain so that you also do not become a victim.

The following is how to hack a PUBG account using the phishing method on an Android phone:

  • First you have to enter the browser that is on your cellphone.
  • Then log in to the free hosting account site, as an example we will use (
  • Please register first by entering your email and password.
  • If so, please check the email you used during registration, there will be an incoming email from 000webhost then please verify your email.
  • Please open the email and then click the Click here to verify your email option to verify the account.
  • You will be redirected to your email account dashboard page then click the Click your website option.
  • Then please re-enter the 000webhost site then fill in the website name and password that you will use, but remember that the name of the website you are using is related to the official PUBG mobile.
  • Then you will be redirected to the website dashboard page then scroll down to the bottom of the website and find the Upload now option then click on it.
  • Then open a new page to download the Phishing PUBG mobile script at the following download link (Phishing Script Download Link).
  • You can directly upload the script file by clicking on the upload icon at the top.
  • Then please extract the script first by clicking and just holding the file until the extract option appears then click extract.
  • If it has been extracted, a folder will appear then open the folder and select all the files in the file.
  • Then an option will appear to move the file that was selected earlier, then please click change then pulic_html and click select this and then click move.
  • Then, use your active email to replace recipient data, which will later be used to receive information from phishing results.
  • Then find the file with the name complite.php or email.php then tap save to save it.
  • Done, you can add a subdomain like or to make it more attractive to people.

So that’s where the phishing link has been successfully created, then you just have to try to open the phishing link.

Once open, on that page the target can login using Facebook or Twitter, and you can see the results directly in your email.

If the phishing link you created is neat, then you just have to spread it on social media so that many people see it and then visit your phishing link.

The final word

Well, those are the steps to hack a PUBG account by phishing and with a phishing script that we can explain.

That way you can get a PUBG account for free easily and of course it’s also safe.

Hopefully, with our explanation above, you will avoid being scammed by using the phishing script that we have described above.

That’s our entire article this time about how to hack PUBG account 2022. That’s all and good luck.

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