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How to Hack Office 365 Free 2022

How to Hack Office 365 for Free
How to Hack Office 365 for Free – Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most widely used application types by PC users in all countries.

This sary application is very popular, because it offers a very great feature and its use is also very easy

To be able to use this software comfortably, you don’t need to know how to activate Office 365 without using a product key, if you don’t have the PK.

To use Microsoft Office 365, there is a subscription fee that you need to pay as long as the software is still in use.

It’s different with other packages for Microsoft Office, such as Microsoft Office 2022 software which can be owned forever, with just one payment.

And for more details, just take a look at how to hack Office 365 for free below.

How to Hack Office 365 for Free

How to Hack Office 365 Free Easy

How to Hack Office 365 for Free
How to Hack Office 365 Free Easy

If you have installed the Microsoft Office 365 software, then you have to do the activation process.

This tutorial is about how to activate Microsoft Office 365 which you can do very easily and for free.

And here are the steps for how to hack Office 365 for free below:

  • Please close your Office application first (be it PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or others).
  • Next you press the Start Menu option button, then type antivirus, then click the Virus & threat protection option.
  • Then click the Manage settings option.
  • Then you have to turn off security or antivirus on your Windows.
  • Just change the On button to the Off button.
  • If you get a notification, just click Yes.
  • Here you have successfully turned off the security and antivirus.
  • Next you have to download the activator tool via the link below: Tool Activator.
  • If a notification appears when downloading the file, all you have to do is select the Keep dangerous file option, then select the Keep anyway option.
  • Next, just extract the file by right-clicking => then selecting Extract to…
  • After that, run the KMSAuto++ tool option.
  • Then you select the KMSAuto++ option
  • Then click the Activate Office option.
  • And you just click the Are you sure? option.
  • If a warning appears, please select Yes.
  • Next you wait for the activation process until a green text appears: Activation Successful.
  • And your Office has been successfully activated and is also ready to use.
  • When you check the menu File => then Account.
  • Done.

The final word

Maybe there are some people who are wondering and one of them is you, why is Office 365 an Office 2022 application?

It must be emphasized that here we only carry out the activation process by converting the license to an Office 2022 software license.

Because Office 365 is actually similar to Office 2022, friends, and also most of the basic features are also similar and there are slight differences between the two.

That’s our whole discussion in this article about how to hack Office 365 for free. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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