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How to Hack FF Account by Copying ID 2022

Until now, Garena is still on the rise because it has very exciting, interesting and challenging gameplay.

One of the things that makes this Battle Royal game fun to play is that you can play with friends.

Playing with friends or what is abbreviated as MABAR is usually done by adding friends by copying their FF ID.

For how to copy ID, it is quite simple and easy, but you need to know that ID FF has few functions.

There are various functions that you can use by simply copying the ID, for example, such as restoring a hacked FF account, taking over a FF account and getting free Diamonds.

Although copying ID is very easy and simple, in fact, until now there are still many Survivors who don’t know how to do it.

Therefore, in this article, we will share with you information about how to hack an FF account by copying the ID, see more in the discussion below.

Discussion on How to Hack FF Accounts by Copying ID

How to Hack FF Account by Copying ID
Discussion on How to Hack FF Accounts by Copying ID

As we explained above, Free Fire ID has various functions that you can use.

But before that, do you know what are the functions of ID FF? Before sharing how to hack an FF account by copying the ID, the following functions you should know, including:

A. Top Up Diamond

For those of you who often do Diamond Top Up either at Codashop, Unipin or others, of course you already know that doing Top Up must use ID first.

By copying your FF ID, it certainly makes it easier for you to Top Up Diamond.

B. Enter Advance Server

As it is known that Garena as the official developer of FF will do Maitenatnce on the game he made.

There Garena will bring up a new server, namely the Advance Server, there you can try the Skins launched by Garena before entering the main server.

To enter the server, the player must first enter his Free Fire ID.

So that later you will be easier and more practical in entering a new server.

C. Hack FF Account

Now there are various methods to hack an account by copying the ID, only by copying the ID you can Hack the FF account.

Hacking FF accounts is an act that is not allowed and is prohibited by Garena, but in fact until now many Survivors are still confirming this.

D. Join Squad

Players may really want to join a Squad in order to continue to achieve victory, to join or join a Squad an ID is required.

So, by doing a FF ID salad, it’s easier for you to join a squad and play together.

E. Exchanging Gifts

For those of you FF Event hunters, of course, copying the ID is mandatory, because when you want to claim prizes or exchange prizes in events, you must use ID.

How to Hack FF Account by Copying ID

1. How to Hack FF Account by Copying ID

How to Hack FF Account by Copying ID
How to Hack FF Account by Copying ID

To hack an FF account in this way is quite easy and also safe, because you don’t use third-party applications.

If you are curious about how to hack an FF account, copy the ID, then below we will describe the steps for you.

Here are the steps on how to hack an FF account by copying the ID that you can follow, which are as follows:

  • First, please visit Garena Customer Service or CS via the following link, Click Here.
  • Please send a message to CS Garena with a message that your account has been hacked.
  • After the message has been successfully sent, wait a few moments for CS Garena to respond.
  • If your statement is responded to, then you will be sent a new password by Garena.
  • Done.

2. How to Restore Hacked FF Accounts

How to Hack FF Account by Copying ID
How to Restore a Hacked FF Account

After knowing how to hack an FF account by copying the ID, then you also have to know how to restore a hacked account.

For more complete information, please see how to restore a hacked FF account by following these steps:

  • First, please visit the site Help Garena.
  • Next on the main menu, please select Login to your respective FF account.
  • To login, you can use the username and password that you last used to login.
  • After that, follow the instructions given by Garena Support or Help Garena.
  • Wait a while until Garena sends you a new login and password.
  • Done.

How to Copy Free Fire ID Easily

As we explained above, copying the FF ID is actually very easy to do, but until now Survivors are still confused about the tutorial.

Therefore, you can listen to how to copy ID easily in the following steps:

  • Please open the FF Game on your Smartphone.
  • After entering the FF game, then on the main page you click the “Profile” menu.
  • Later you will find an ID that looks like a number.
  • Just click copy ID and Done, the FF ID has been successfully replaced.

How? Very easy and simple not to do, please change your ID according to what you want.

The final word

That’s a little information about how to hack an FF account, how to copy an FF ID and how to restore an FF account that was hacked.

Hopefully this information can help you FF players whose accounts have been hacked or who want to copy ID but don’t know how.

Remember! use the tutorial for positive things and not harm others, because your account will be at risk of being banned from Garena.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to hack FF account by copying ID 2022. That’s all and hopefully useful.

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