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How to Hack ACC FF 2022

How to Hack ACC FF

How to Hack ACC FF – It is undeniable that Free Fire (FF) accounts are being targeted by many people, especially fellow players, because there are many benefits that they will get.

Although hacking activities are prohibited, because they violate the privacy of others and have many risks, some people still carry out these activities, including hacking the FF Sultan account.

Because if the Sultan’s FF account is successfully hacked, a large number of Bundles, planes, pets, weapons and skins will be owned.

So they don’t need to top up and spend money to buy these items. There are various hack methods that can be used, guys and the steps are not too difficult.

In fact, the hack method or method can be used to hack other people’s accounts and take over their own accounts that have been hacked before.

Well, here we will share some ways to hack ACC FF that can be learned and applied.

How to Hack ACC FF

1. How to Hack ACC FF by Copying Person ID

How to Hack ACC FF
How to Hack ACC FF by Copying Person ID

How to hack ACC FF by copying someone’s ID is the first method that can be applied, guys, because from the start Garena has had a help page that can be used by all players to complain about the problems they face.

One of the problems that are often experienced by players is losing their FF account, because it was taken over by someone else or a hacker.

With this service, players can restore their hacked accounts.

However, this complaint service is also widely used by hackers to take over other people’s accounts, guys, just by copying the FF ID.

But this method also has drawbacks and it is certain that the hacking process of other people’s accounts will be canceled, if the owner of the first account still has top up data and other information.

2. How to Hack ACC FF with Garena’s Help

How to Hack ACC FF
How to Hack ACC FF with Garena’s Help

Utilizing Garena’s help is a solution to restore your own account that has been hacked, guys.

As for how to hack ACC FF with the help of Garena as follows:

  • For the first step, please visit the Garena website via the following link (Garena site).
  • Then enter your account ID, after the site opens.
  • You have to pretend if the ID is an account ID that was lost because it was hacked guys.
  • After that, wait for the email data, username and password of the account you entered to be sent.
  • After the data is received, you will automatically log in using the ID when the application is open.

3. How to Hack ACC FF using the Termux Application

How to Hack ACC FF
How to Hack ACC FF using Termux Application

Termux is an application that can also be used to hack FF accounts guys and the success rate is quite high.

Here’s how to hack ACC FF using the applicable Termux application:

  • Download and install the Termux application by clicking the following link (Download the Termux App).
  • Open the application and enter the code or command script below:

pkg install git unzip Bash openssh php
pip install requests
git clone
free fire cd


  • The first script works for the installation command, which is to open the zip file.
  • The second script contains an installation request.
  • The third script is a request.
  • The fourth script works so that it is always active and durable and contains a link that leads to the FF account script storage later. The script also contains a zip file.
  • The 5th script is to extract the zip file.

4. How to Hack ACC FF using Web Phishing

How to Hack ACC FF
How to Hack ACC FF using Web Phishing

Web phishing is a very popular hack method, because it has proven to be successful in trapping many people into writing their account usernames and passwords on fake web pages that are sent.

If you want to use the web phishing method to hack FF accounts, it is recommended to include the lure of prizes in the form of diamonds, so that the target is more easily influenced.

Here’s how to hack ACC FF using a workable phishing web:

  • Open the Google Form page via the following link (Google Forms page).
  • You can login using your personal email, if you have access to the URL.
  • After that, create a Fill Form and select Untitled Form writing.
  • Then enter a convincing title, for example “FF Redeem Code Giveaway”, to convince Survivor.
  • Then fill in the description column that explains the tasks that the user will perform to get the Diamond Redeem Code.
  • The next step is to fill in the question and enter your email, if you receive the incoming data.
  • Also make sure the entire Task is not too difficult, so that the target only needs to tick each question.
  • At the end, you can include the question “What is your Free Fire Password?, the goal is to trap the hack target.
  • If it looks convincing, please select the Submit icon and the Phishing website Form link has been completed.
  • In order for the phishing link to be used by the target, you can disguise it with the help of Shortlink or URL shortener, for example
  • Wait for the results in the email inbox, after without changing or disguising the name of the link.

The final word

Those are some ways that can be applied, if you want to break into or hack the ACC Free Fire account.

All the ways that we share are indeed quite long steps, but the success rate is quite high.

If it still doesn’t work, it’s possible that a step was missed and had to be repeated from the beginning, guys.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to hack ACC FF 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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