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How to Get Permanent Evangelion Bundle in PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile collaboration with Evangelion has now arrived. This time we will share tips on how to get the  Evangelion bundle on PUBG Mobile permanently.

Currently PUBG Mobile is in the new season of C2S6 (Cycle 2 Season 6) by bringing various new features and content from the previously released patch note  2.0.

One of the main features present in the patch note is the game mode in collaboration with Evangelion. This collaboration mode comes as a ranked mode available on Erangel and Livik.

In addition to the collaboration game mode with Evangelion, it also presents events in the game. This is where players can get exclusive skin prizes from collaborations.

How to Get Permanent Evangelion Bundle in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile's collaboration with Evangelion presents the Evangelion Discovery event which provides various attractive skin offers from the anime.

There are various types of prizes in this event that come from the Evangelion anime. Starting from free gifts that players can get by participating in events to paid prizes with an attractive appearance.

The Evangelion Discovery event is present in the PUBG Mobile game for a long period, from May 15 to June 19, 2022.

This event provides a long mission that players can complete. For every mission that the player completes, the player will get exploration points.

These points will provide an opportunity for players to get more prizes from this collaboration event with Evangelion.

Based on the types of skins available at the Evangelion Discovery event, there are at least two ways to permanently get  Evangelion skins and bundles on PUBG Mobile, which are as follows.

1. Free Skin Upgrade to Make it Permanent

The first way to get permanent Evangelion skins and bundles is to upgrade the free skins that players get in the Evangelion Discovery event.

When opening the  Evangelion Discovery event page, players can immediately claim a free gift in the form of the Evangelion-00 P90 weapon skin.

However, this prize is of a duration, which has a duration of up to 1 day only. To be able to get other free gifts in this event, players can complete the available missions.

The mission is done by completing the game in Evangelion collaboration mode in Classic ranked mode. 

The game in Classic mode will make players get exploration points. The more points you collect, the more players can unlock ( unlock ) free skin prizes at the event.

Well, if you are interested in making the free skin of that duration permanent, then you can upgrade at the event.

Press the "Upgrade Rewards" button available at the bottom left of the  Evangelion Discovery event page.

Each prize has a different price for players to upgrade. Starting from 300 UC for the 8th Angel Evangelion Grenade skin upgrade to 3000 UC for the Buddy Pen Pen upgrade.

However, by upgrading at a predetermined price, players don't need to spend more UC than using the gatcha system.

2. Draw to Get the Evangelion Special Bundle

Free gifts that players can upgrade only provide skins with a not-so-attractive appearance. Now, if players want to get a  special skin or bundle from the collaboration with Evangelion, then players can draw on the available offers.

There are two types of Evangelion Crate available at this Evangelion Discovery event. For the Evangelion A Chest, it has been open from the start so players can immediately try to draw on this offer to be able to get the prize.

The main prize for this Evangelion A Chest is the  Extreme Armor Model EVA-00 bundle, which of course is taken from the Evangelion anime. This suit comes complete with the helmet skin.

Then there is also the Extreme Armor Model EVA-01 suit, as well as the two anime character suits, namely Shinji and Rei suits.

Then there is also the 4th Angel Evangelion AUG skin that players can upgrade and also the Evangelion-01 backpack skin.

Now to be able to get the prizes from this Evangelion A Chest offer, players need to draw. The draw price for one open is 90 UC and for 10 open it is 810 UC. The price is more expensive than other offers on PUBG Mobile.

In addition to the Evangelion A Chest,  this event also offers an Evangelion B Chest.

The main prize from this Evangelion B Chest offer is the Extreme Armor Model EVA-02 suit which is also from the Evangelion anime.

Then there are the suits of the Evangelion character in this one offer, namely the Asuka and Kaworu suits.

Also available in this offer are Positron Cannon AWM skins, Evengalion-02 Golok skins, and UAZ Evangelion-02 Jeep car skins.

As for being able to get the prizes from this Evangelion B Chest offer, players must first open the access. That's because the offer this time is still locked.

The way to unlock this offer is to complete the mission in the Evangelion Discovery event to completion.

In the description on the offer page, in-game players can use the remaining exploration points to be able to draw on the exclusive supply of this Evangelion 2 Chest offer.

That means players have to complete missions in the Classic mode of the Core Circle collaboration to get as many exploration points as possible. That way, all gifts, especially the Evangelion B Chest, can be opened.

If the chest is opened and players can access it, then players can get the main prizes that we have mentioned above.

Even so, players must remain vigilant to bring UC savings because there is still the possibility to make a paid draw in this offer.

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