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How to get gold in FF 2022

How to Get Gold in FF

How to get gold in FF – Of course this will be one way to get gold, because you will have the opportunity to have a lot of Gold and can be used later.

Make sure if you are really ready with all these things, but it doesn’t stop there, maybe you who follow this method, will be more prepared and will not want to miss all of this in the future.

So don’t forget that there are still some new updates, this brings an element of an interesting event theme.

Where the Free Fire x One Punch Man Event is also ongoing for you to complete right now.

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That way you might be excited again, when you take part in the latest event, which there are already many now.

As you mentioned earlier that by having a lot of gold you can do many things.

The development of FF which is getting bigger every year makes this game has many interesting item variants to buy.

besides using diamonds, there are several items that you can buy with gold, so the conclusion is that the more gold FF you have, the more items you buy.

Discussion on How to Get Gold in FF

How to Get Gold in FF

Although getting gold sounds very easy, sometimes survivors don’t have much time to collect it.

Gold is one of the items that you use to pay for something and of course it should not be ignored either.

Because Gold is the most useful and important, to be used by players who want to be able to buy or open Skill Slots.

The use of Gold is indeed quite a lot and you should not ignore it, so if the Gold runs out it will definitely bring losses to the player later.

For now, there is a way so that you can get quite a lot of Gold in total.

Maybe it will help all of you, so you don’t have any more difficulties when you have thousands of Gold in this FF game

Here are some options for how to get Gold FF:

  • Using the Redeem Code given by Garena, to be exchanged in order to get the Prize.
  • Use an additional FF Gold card, so you can get a fairly large amount of Gold.
  • Participate in the latest Free Fire event.
  • Playing in Matches Over and Over again
  • After that daily login

By trying this method, you will immediately be able to know how to get quite a lot of Gold FF right now.

With this you can also see for yourself, that Gold is easy to get by the players.

It’s just that you really have to get used to it and don’t forget it too, if this is the most important thing.

Without Gold, this will make players unable to get a lot of benefits if you want to make character skills later.

Make sure you follow all the ways like this, so that later the gold you can get can be even more and it is very profitable for players who are still playing this FF game now.

You know that how to get FF gold easily, FF is indeed possible, so from that just use it and get a lot of total gold.

Because this gold, it will be useful for you in the future.

Don’t forget that later you can take part in the FF hero test event, because this is indeed one piece of information.

Many players who are trying to get this Gold FF for free see the usefulness of Gold FF which is so important in the game.

It turns out that there are many ways to get Gold FF for free..

Many players have not managed to find an effective way to get free FF gold.

Due to this reason, this time Dafunda Game will provide several ways that you can use to get FF gold.

Here’s a review that we provide for you

How to Get Gold in FF

1. How to Get Gold in FF With FF Gold Exp Card

How to Get Gold in FF
How to Get Gold in FF With FF Gold Exp Card

Actually, you will get this Gold after playing a match in the Free Fire game.

The amount depends on the results you get while playing, but you can get free FF gold by using an FF gold exp card.

Not only gold you get, but also exp that can help you level up in the game.

This is one of the legal and official methods from Garena itself, so those of you who use it don’t worry about getting banned or suspended.

2. How to Get Gold in FF With Kodee Redeem

How to Get Gold in FF
How to Get Gold on FF With Code Redeem

The second way is to get free gold FF is to use the redeem code.

Garena will always give free redeem codes to FF players every month.

This redeem code is not only to get gold FF for free, but you can also use it to get skins, bundles, and characters for free.

In the rules of the players, this redeem code is only available for 1 account, 1 redeem code.

3. How to Get Gold in FF With FF Generator

How to Get Gold in FF
How to Get Gold in FF With FF Generator

To get free FF gold, you can use the FF Generator.

Many players use it to get FF gold, however, from most of the information you can get this method is a scam or fraud.

We strongly discourage you from using various FF Generator applications.

Because apart from a scam, its use can result in your account being banned. This FF generator is included in a third-party application, so its use is very illegal and classified as a cheat.

In its rules of play, Garena prohibits players from using third-party applications to play.

We recommend you to use Prizat FF ( FF Hack)

Prizat FF really allows you to get FF gold for free.

Not only that, by using Prizat FF you can get diamonds for free by collecting points.

The final word

That’s the information we can convey to you about how to get gold in FF.

If this information is useful for you, don’t forget to share it with friends, relatives or fellow players who don’t know yet.

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