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How to Get Free FF Bundle 2022

Garena always provides various types of cool features that you can try.

Every time Garena gives an upgrade to the Free Fire game, all the players will always receive it by giving a good response, because they are always satisfied with the update.

Which Free Fire player doesn’t want to have a cool bundle? There are hundreds of interesting bundles in FF that you can mix and match according to your taste.

There are also various ways to get the FF bundle in this one game, but most of them require diamonds.

But you don’t have to worry, because this time we will share about how to get a free FF bundle.

How to Get Free FF Bundle

How to Get Permanent Free FF Bundle

How to Get Free FF Bundle
How to Get Permanent Free FF Bundle

Here are several ways you can do to get the Free Fire bundle for free and also permanently.

You must do the method that we will share below, if you really want to get the FF bundle.

Go directly to how to get a permanent free FF bundle below, as follows:

1. Participate in Every Giveaway Held

How to get the first free FF bundle, by participating in every giveaway that is held, can be a solution for those of you who really want to get interesting skins without having to do various things.

Because usually every giveaway that is held will also give you a cool and interesting FF bundle.

2. Using Diamond Earning App

How to get the next free FF bundle doesn’t mean that the FF bundle you get directly will be free, but you have to use diamonds to get it.

Don’t worry, because you can get these diamonds for free by using the Free Fire diamond-producing application. Download the app here.

On the Play Store, there are many applications that will give Free Fire diamonds for free.

In the application, later you will be assigned to collect a lot of points by completing a certain mission.

Of course, that way you can also exchange it for credit or Google Vouchers to be able to buy Free Fire diamonds.

3. Using FF Redeem Code

The next way to get a free FF bundle is to use the FF redeem code, which is a code consisting of 12 letters and you can enter it on Garena’s redeem site.

From here, you can use this code to get a skin for free, you will be assigned to be able to find the FF redeem code, you can look for it on the official Garena website.

The code will usually be released by Garena itself if they are going to hold a big event.

And of course, lots of FF players will follow when the event is running.

In addition to giving the FF redeem code Live, those of you who have streamed can also get it.

There are a lot of rewards that you can get, and one of them you can get a cool FF bundle.

4. Mystery Shop FF

Then how to get a free FF bundle with Mystery Shop is a feature that is available in the Free Fire game every month. That way, you can get various benefits, from skins to characters that will be sold at very cheap prices.

In fact, you can also get discounts of up to more than 90% discount.

5. Free Fire Elitepass Level

Free Fire players who want to do a way to get a free FF bundle permanently, you can get it by increasing the Free Fire elitepass level.

By having a high level, you have the opportunity to get the FF bundle for free.

Make sure if your level has been maximized, so you can get a free bundle that is at the highest level.

By following all the steps to get diamonds for free, of course you will not be bored playing this FF game.

Because the bundle prize that will be given later will be something that will never disappoint.

6. Gold Royale

How to get a free FF bundle with this one feature will give you 1 bundle as the main reward, which will be given regularly from Garena and will replace the daily FF bundle rewards.

Players have the opportunity to be able to play every 24 hours, therefore, you have the opportunity to get a free bundle.

If you join a guild, then you will get a Gold Royale voucher 3 times a week.

The final word

Those are the six things you have to do to be able to get a free Free Fire bundle easily.

Please follow these six methods, if you really want to get the FF bundle permanently.

What are you waiting for? Let’s immediately play your Free Fire game and use the method above to get a build.

That’s our entire discussion in this article about how to get free FF bundle. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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