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How to Find the Location of Pubg Moblie Enemies

How to find out the location of the enemy in PUBG Mobile – One of the most popular games today is PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Mobile or what we usually know as PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile provides the excitement of playing fighting games to become Last Man Standing on PUBG Mobile and get Chicken Dinner.

When playing PUBG Mobile, we are often confused by the uncertain location of the enemy and this becomes an obstacle for us get Chicken Dinner. Actually there is a separate way to knowing the enemy’s position in PUBG Mobile, but not all of us know these tips. Curious how How to find out the enemy’s position in PUBG Mobile? check the method below:

How to find out the location of the enemy in PUBG Mobile

In playing PUBG, there are actually many how to find enemies in PUBG Mobilebut can be grouped into two ways, namely:


How to know the position of the enemy with the manual method:

Footsteps (Steps)

Footsteps or what we usually know as “steps” in PUBG Mobile is one of the how to find enemies in PUBG Mobile commonly used. Footsteps can be identified in two ways, namely looking at the map a foot mark will appear indicating which side the enemy is on and the sound of the step itself.

The sound of steps or footsteps indicates that there are enemies around us, but the sound that comes from the footsteps is faint so it is advisable to use a headset to make it easier to hear enemy footsteps easily.


PUBG Mobile is a fighting game that certainly cannot be separated from shooting action, but often we are shot by enemies without knowing it. enemy location in PUBG Mobile.

If you pay more attention to the map, you will find that when a shot occurs in the area around you, a sign will appear on the map indicating next to the shot that occurred.

Keep in mind that there are weapons that are not detected when firing bullets, namely the VSS and if the weapon is fired outside the area, the map cannot be detected, for example, a sniper.

Peek and Fire Features

For those of you lovers of the PUBG Mobile game, you are already familiar with this one feature, because it is very useful when we are dealing with enemies, especially from the front. The use of the Peek and Fire feature is very helpful, especially for know the enemy’s locationbecause while we take cover from enemy attacks we can look to attack back or just know where the enemy is.

Features of Viewing Nearby Locations

PUBG Mobile has a feature that can be used to see the situation and conditions around the player. This eye-shaped feature is also very simple to use, just swipe according to the area you want to know.

This one feature serves to avoid enemies who will ambush us, whether it’s ambushing from behind or tracking players who are often prone around us.

How to Know the Position of the Enemy with the Rendering Method:

Maybe my friend is still unfamiliar with this one term, Rendering is the process of building an image of a model or scene file (collectively models) through a computer program.

Whereas in multiplayer games such as PUBG Mobile, Rendering functions as a system to lighten the burden on HP hardware so that applications can run smoothly.

The rendering method itself is by loading enemy characters who enter the area around us, the area contained when we play PUBG Mobile is in the form of a circle and has a distance of 400 meters and us as the center of the circle.

So what is the relationship between rendering and How to Find Enemy Locations in PUBG Mobile?


Who has experienced lag when playing PUBG Mobile even though the internet connection is good? It’s actually a sign that there are a lot of enemies around you, this is because more and more enemy characters are entering the rendering circle so the hardware load is increasing.

If you are in a state of silence, then if there is a lag, it means that an opponent is moving towards where you are.

Grass Disappear

Areas outside our Rendering circle will not contain the main assets, one of which is Grass, this is so as not to overload the hardware too high.

Eliminating grass outside of a 400 meter radius can make it easier for us know the location of the enemy in PUBG Mobileespecially for those of you who have a scope above level 4x and use a sniper because there is no grass blocking the scope to find the enemy’s position.

Enemies and Friends

when we play in duo or squad mode, we often argue that our friends see the enemy but we don’t see the enemy’s position. Why did it happen? This happens because there is a Rendering limit for each player, which is 400 meters.

If your friend sees the enemy but you don’t, then the enemy is within reach of your friend but still outside your area, then you must go to his location to be able to find out where the enemy is.

That was information related to How to Know the Location of the PUBG Mobile Enemy, hopefully it can help all of you to get a Chicken Dinner. See you in the next article.

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