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How to Enter Advance Server FF 2022

How to Enter Advance Server FF

If not, come on, see the explanation for entering Advance Server FF, which will be holding a second wave and it’s still open.

Hurry in and register yourself, then download the latest version of Advance Server FF, whose popularity does not need to be in doubt anymore.

Because this FF is one of the most popular Battle Royale games, not only in Indonesia but also in several other countries.

Well, this game offers an experience where you will experience an exciting battle to be able to survive until the end in the game and get BOOYAH.

In general, these Survivors will play Free Fire through the Client or Application that can be downloaded via the Play Store and it can also be done with the Afternoon App.

But there is another version of Free Fire, namely Advance Server Free Fire.

Discussion on How to Enter Advance Server FF

Now, the Free Fire Andvance Server itself is a special Client where you will be able to try out the latest Free Fire content.

Before being released on the main client, besides that you can try out a variety of the latest content, of course, before it is released on the main client.

Usually you will often find Bugs on the FF Advance Server, so if you find a Bug, immediately report it to Free Fire.

Of course, when the content is released by the Free Firee Client via the latest update, that way there will be no more bugs to bother you in the game.

For those of you, there is good news from Garena, of course, that it will reopen the second batch of FF Advance Server registrations.

Now you want to know how to enter Advance Server FF? Come on, see the explanation below and it’s very easy.

How to Enter Advance Server FF

How to Enter Advance Server FF

How to Enter Advance Server FF
How to Enter Advance Server FF

On the Free Fire Advance Server and Main Client, which are two different applications, of course they will try it with your FF Advance Server and really need this Special Client.

If you can’t use Free Fire, which is available on the Play Store and App Store, you must first register and get the official download link.

Well, another difference lies in the content and will stabilize the Free Fire application, Advance Server FF itself tends to experience some problems later.

In this case, of course, Advance Server FF will present some content that is still at the testing stage or not yet final.

Well, don’t be surprised, you will encounter some bugs while playing Advance Server FF which will pass through Advance Server FF.

The players themselves will be able to find weapons, new characters to maps that may not yet exist on the official server.

For those of you who find problems such as bugs, even players can report directly and get Diamonds.

Well, before downloading Free Fire Advance Server, you need to register or register an account first, the method is also quite easy and you can use a Facebook account.

Here’s how to enter the FF advance server:

  • Well, what you have to do first is to open the Free Fire Advance server page via the link via the link (FF Advance.FF.Garena) the.
  • After that, login using the Facebook account that you already have.
  • Next, fill in the profile data (Name, Email, No.Hp)
  • Then, you do press join Now
  • Well, congratulations, you can download Advance Server Free Fire by clicking the Download APK button.
  • After you finish downloading first, then install it on your Android phone.

Advantages of Login Advance Server FF

How to Enter Advance Server FF
Advantages of Login Advance Server FF

Well, if you plan to try the Free Fire Advance Server because there are interesting benefits, where free Diamonds can be obtained only by reporting the existing problems.

Even in games, such as Bugs or the like in the form of main contributors, you can get 3,000 Free Fire Diamonds for free.

Free Diamond distribution based on the following categories:

  • Main Contributor (1 person) – 3,000 Diamond
  • Main Contributor (2 people) – 2,000 Diamonds
  • Main Contributor (3 people) – 1. 000 Diamond

Meanwhile, there are Bug hunters who will first find an unknown Bug who will get 100 Diamonds.

The final word

Don’t forget to register quickly and you can download the Advance server FF APK, now you can try it directly for new content.

You can even hunt for bugs to get the prize, come on bro, don’t miss out on friends who have entered the FF Advance Server.

That’s the whole content of this article about how to enter Advance Server FF 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck

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