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How to Counter Hero Brody Mobile Legends

Here are 7 Brody Mobile Legends hero counters that are the most effective so far! Mobile Legends some time ago just presented a new marksman hero named Brody.

Where this one marksmen hero has a very terrible or very impressive ability.

You could say this hero is the king of the early game because the damage in the early game is very painful, it doesn’t make sense compared to other marksman heroes.

But that doesn’t mean Brody. It has no counter, behind his great ability Brody still has a natural hero counter in Mobile Legends.

Anyone? Read this article to the end!


Chou has a very terrible cc skill and is certainly very inconvenient for Brody, plus Chou’s immune from skill 2 can avoid Brody’s skill 2 (stun).


Lancelot has the dash ability from skill 1 to approach Brody and then just kill him using ultimate + skill 2 and his basic attack which can move faster than Brody’s slow basic attack.

3. Natalia

Then Natalia is also included in the list thanks to her silence ability plus her very deadly basic attack + skills that can kill Brody with one scoop.


Lolita has a shield that can ward off all attacks from any hero including Brody, so she will have a lot of trouble fighting Lolita later.


Then there is Ling, where his agility is very advantageous against Brody, maybe before attacking Brody, Ling was killed first.


Roger is also a hero who can kill Brody easily because this Roger has a high attack speed and the damage is also very high.

7. Hayabusa

The last hero is Hayabusa, where this hero has the ultimate to kill slow-moving enemies like Brody.

That’s the hero counter Marksemen Brody in Mobile Legends who is very sick at this time. Author Riza Kurniawan

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