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Horizon Forbidden West Release Date Still As Planned, Release This Year

Last week, Sony unveiled the gameplay of its Horizon Forbidden West sequel. There are no words to describe the trailer other than impressive. But unfortunately, Sony is not available with an exact release date regarding the game.

Announced last year, Horizon Forbidden West is set to release this year. Seeing the current conditions, it is not impossible that the sequel to Zero Dawn will be delayed like other games.

Horizon Forbidden West is still as planned!

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date Still As Planned Release This Year
Horizon Forbidden West | Sony

However, that will not happen. This was confirmed directly by the Head of PlayStation Studios – Hermen Hulst via PlayStation.Blog in a question and answer session, which discusses the plans that will be taken by PlayStation Studios in the future.

Not only discussing Horizon Forbidden West, but he also discussed other Sony games such as God of War Ragnarok. Unlike Forbidden West, they inevitably had to delay the release of the sequel to God of War (2022).

Launching this year’s holiday season

Luckily, Horizon Forbidden West will still be released as originally planned. They plan to release this one game during the holiday season this year without a definite release date. One thing is for sure, the game will not be delayed like God of War.

The fans themselves had previously been spoiled with the first gameplay from Forbidden West at the State of Play event last week. This is even more impressive after the recent confirmation from Hulst.

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