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His Contract With EVOS Legends Expires This Year! Games

If you are a fan of Mobile Legends, you must be familiar with EVOS Rekt. This man named Gustian is one of the veteran players because he has participated in the MPL tournament since season 1.

He himself has been on the EVOS Legends team since season 3 and has won several prestigious team titles. For example, the MPL title in season 4 and season 7.

The best achievement achieved by Rekt with EVOS Legends was the title of M1 World Championship in 2022. This tournament is a tournament on a global scale, in the Mobile Legends competition arena.

EVOS Rekt contract info leaks

With so many achievements, Rekt’s name is certainly one of the most talked about. Later, his name came back after appearing on the AH Podcast hosted by Atta Halilintar and Aurelie Hermansyah.

In the podcast, Rekt revealed that his contract with EVOS Legends will expire this year. He said this when Atta Halilintar joked that he wanted to form an esports team.

“You can make it, mas, just buy me,” said EVOS Rekt half-jokingly in the podcast.

He also revealed a few kitchen secrets behind the contracts of esports players in the competitive Mobile Legends scene. “If the contract is for each player, now it is at least 3 years, at least as far as I know, which is recent,” said EVOS Rekt.

Atta Halilintar then asked how long the contract between Rekt and EVOS Legends was, Rekt immediately answered with a bit of embarrassment. “Yes, this year, (last),” said EVOS Rekt.

If what Rekt explained is true, maybe this year could be the last year we see Rekt in EVOS Legends uniform.

The future of Rekt itself is also a hot topic of discussion. Many other people wanted to see Rekt compete under the EVOS Legends banner, considering his figure is already considered an icon of the team.

However, not a few have speculated that the player will retire when his contract expires.

This is because he is currently also building a career as a content creator on Youtube, and is increasingly popular between himself and ONIC Vior as Duo Bae on social media.

In addition, of the many injuries suffered by Rekt, many predict that Rekt’s time as an esports athlete will not last long.

It will be interesting to see how the career of an EVOS Rect will continue in the future. Whatever decision Rekt chooses in the future, we hope that this path will be the best path for Rekt who has made a major contribution to the development of the competitive Mobile Legends scene in Indonesia.

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