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Hideo Kojima Presents 'Photo Mode' Feature for PC Version of Death Stranding!

Death Stranding PC version Presents the latest photo mode features

The presence of the PC version of Death Stranding, which was just announced some time ago, certainly makes PC gamers enthusiastic to welcome it. Moreover, it is now known that Hideo Kojima wants to provide something interesting for PC gamers in the Death Stranding Game.

Through his personal official Twitter account, Hideo Kojima uploaded a video showing the presence of the ‘Photo Mode’ feature in the PC version of Death Stranding.

Well, the Photo Mode feature displayed by Kojima in the video is also quite interesting and sophisticated. Because players can take photos of Sam Porter Bridges or other characters with a more cinematic perspective. In addition, players can also do editing starting from lighting, focus, filtering effects and others to make the results look better.

For information, the PC version of Death Stranding is scheduled to be released simultaneously on the Steam Platform and the Epic Games Store on June 3.

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