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Here's Why The Xbox Series X Design Looks Like A Refrigerator

Here's why the Xbox Series X's design looks a lot like a refrigerator

At the 2022 The Games Awards, Microsoft has shown the design of its new console, the Xbox Series X. But the console actually comes with a different design where it looks like a refrigerator.

Of course this makes many fans feel surprised by the design. The reason is that Microsoft has presented a rectangular design with a horizontally elongated shape.

But behind that, it turns out that Microsoft has a reason why it chose a vertical design to be used on the Console. This was later explained by the design team of the Xbox Series X.

Director of mechanical engineering from Xbox, Jim Wahl said that the vertical design used on the Xbox Series X makes this console have a better cooling system and of course provides more stable performance.

“We call this design a parallel cooling architecture, so users will get cool air thanks to the separate flow zones on the console,” said Wahl.

“The Optical Disc Drive defines one dimension, while the Heat Sink sets the other, so that’s why we made the design into blocks by adding elements we love,” said Xbox Principal Designer Chris Kujawski.

As such, the design itself is really quite different from its predecessors and other consoles. The reason for the design is also quite interesting by putting air conditioning, thus making this design really a quite unique console design.

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