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Here's How to Play Free Fire on PC, Really Easy!

Free Fire’s name is already well-known as mobile games top among activists esports. This one game combines genres third person shooter (TPS) and battle royale. Can you imagine the excitement of playing war with about 50 players at once?

In an effort to survive to the end, as a player you must have a special strategy. Starting from selecting characters, weapons, medical equipment, to choosing partner in the team. All obviously require a lot of playing time.

Unfortunately, the long duration of the game makes your eyes and body tired quickly. Interspersed with eating breaks, lying down, or doing activities other than holding gadgets can help. However, the best solution is play Free Fire on PC.

Curious how? Check out the following easy steps.

Install Emulator First

play ff on pc

How to play FF ​​on PC you have to start by installing the emulator first. An emulator is an application that is capable of mimicking the internal design of another system. There are many applications with similar purposes that you can use to play FF ​​on a PC or laptop.

The short explanation is this. When you want to operate a program from a different system on your PC, an emulator needs to be installed so that the program can run smoothly. you will have trouble play Free Fire on PC without emulator.

One of the most popular emulators is Nox App Player. Nox’s popularity cannot be separated from the series of interesting features it carries. For example, the multi-simulator feature so you can open games or different apps from multiple accounts. Then, Nox App also has support joystick and other additional consoles.

You can download Nox Player live on the official website here. After download and install, proceed with downloading and installing the Free Fire application on the Google Play Store. Then, open the game and log in with your account.

Check Button Settings

how to play ff on pc

How to play FF ​​on PC not complete if you don’t check the button settings. It’s over soon log in with account, click Settings or gear icon, go to Controls tab. Then, click Custom HUDs.

Well, by clicking on the menu, your next task is to do mapping button to keyboard and mouse. Start with tap Keyboard Control right in the right pane. Alternatively, you can press CTRL + 1.

When finished setting the button, don’t forget to save it by clicking Save. Important tips to remember, turn on the mode Auto Pickup so that it is easier for you to pick up items during the game.

So that you better understand the importance of checking the button settings, there are at least three buttons that you must set when you want to mapping knob.

Direction Controllers

Shaped directional buttons, icons Direction Controllers function to change roles joystick with the A, S, W, and D buttons on the keyboards.


This icon depicts a shot mark. According to the shape of the icon, function Crosshair nothing but to direct the gaze with mouse. So, you have to put this button in the middle of the screen.


See the icon with the arrow shape plus a bigger circle? Yes, that’s the button Fire. The function, of course, is to shoot or hit the opponent by using the button shoot. You can set it on the button click on mouse.

Tips for playing FF on PC

how to play free fire on pc

You already pocketed how how to play Free Fire on PC step by step. However, so that your game runs more smoothly, take a look at the tips play Free Fire on PC following.

For controller settings your own version

The most important tip is to use the settings that you feel most comfortable with. In fact, if the three buttons are still not right, you can use this method. Try enabling the icon shaped like the letter A alias Keys.

The function of this button is to map another special button to the button keyboards. However, make sure the buttons you choose are different or haven’t been used when you create settings earlier.

As a reference, you can use an example setting default as described below.

  • On mouse, you can activate the right click button to lock and unlock the cursor.
  • Want to quickly aim at the enemy using scope? Set the Q button so that you can immediately execute it while playing.
  • You can use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys when you need to drive a vehicle.

The good news is, anytime you feel uncomfortable with the button settings, you can change it at will. Please add, delete, or change the controls so you feel at home playing FF for longer. Sshhh… don’t forget to save it!

Make sure the PC specifications are qualified

how to play free fire on pc

Actually, you must pay attention to this point before downloading the emulator. So that you can play FF ​​on a PC, use the minimum standard PC specifications set by Nox App Player, as explained below.

ProcessorDual Core Intel or AMD 2.2. GHz, preferably already supports VT Technology
RAMMinimum 2GB
memoryMinimum 2GB
VGAWe recommend a graphics card of 1GB or more and already support OpenGL 2.0
Operating systemMacOS or Windows 7/8/10 recommended

Don’t open too many programs while playing

This is a problem that is often forgotten gamers so much fun play Free Fire on PC. That’s right, emulators do make games lighter. However, don’t open too many programs while you’re playing.

Even though the program is only in backgrounds, without you knowing the RAM and PC memory is also sucked. It’s safer if you do clearance or close all unused programs. So, performance games and your PC is lighter and more stable.

Well, it’s easy right? play Free Fire on PC? Good luck trying these tips and tricks at home!

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