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Here are the MLBB Division Roster Rows from Each Sea Games 2022 Participating Country! Games

The 31st Southeast Asian Games (31) will feature the leading esports title Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in a multi-sport event.

Three years ago at the 30th SEA Games, the Philippines bagged a gold medal after a fierce 3-2 fight against Indonesia in the grand final, while Malaysia had to settle for a third-place finish.

This time, there were seven teams participating in the competition, namely the Philippines, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

Cambodia and Thailand have decided not to send delegates this year, and the reason behind this is not known.

List of Countries and Complete Roster of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang SEA Games 2022


Kyle Dominic “Dominic” SotoEXP lane
Danerie James “Wise” Del RosarioJungle
Salic Alauya “Hadji” ImamMidlane
Lee Howard “Owl” Gonzalezgold lane
Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” VillalunaRoam
Dexstar Louise “DEX STAR” Cruz AlabaRoam
Russell Aaron “Eyon” UsiMidlane


Stefan Chong “Soul” Ru ChyiEXP lane
Squeeze “Remanist” Ker Zhen HongJungle
Basil Lim “Seilah” Dao ZeMidlane
Adam “Adammir” Chonggold lane
Akihiro “JPL” FurusawaRoam


Sengathit PhounsavatEXP lane
Monngkonethong SinbanditJungle
Phonesana InthavongxayMidlane
Khampaseuth Hanxanagold lane
Anousak AphaiyasahRoamers
Vanvilay OuanlamanyMultirole


Mắm Echo OverlordEXP lane
Tit number one?Midlane lane


Rivaldi “R7” FatahEXP lane
Albert Neislsen “Alberttt” IskandarJungle
Ihsan Besari “Luminaire” KusudanaMidlane
Calvin “CW” Winatagold lane
Calvin “Vynnn”Roam
Gilang “SANZ”Jungle
Nicky Fernando “Kiboy” PontonuwuRoam


Idreen Abdul “Momo” JamalEXP lane
Muhammad “CikuGais” DanialJungle
Zikry “Moon” Bin ShamsuddinMidlane
Wan “4Meyz” Wsmangold lane
Mohamad “Moyy” FarhanRoam
Mohammad Zul “Xorn” HishamRoam
Muhammad “Ajiq” Amirul RaziqJungle

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