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Hay Day Farm Pass, Full Review, How to Use and Buy it

Hay Day gamers must be familiar with the name Farm Pass Hay Day (road ticket farm). Hay Day Farm Pass is one of the features in the Hay Day game that has been present since November 2022. This feature allows players to get various items rewards (rewards) by performing various actions/activities in the Hay Day game.

So, in this article, we will discuss about farm pass the. Not only that, we will also discuss about the full review, tips for using it farm passand of course also about how to buy farm pass for Hay Day players.

What is a Hay Day Farm Pass?

Farm Pass is an activity in the Hay Day game, where by performing certain actions/activities, players will get prizes (rewards). The farm pass can be accessed through the in-game chick’s house. The duration/period of the farm pass is 1 month, lasting from the beginning to the end of the month. Farm pass itself is present every month for players.

There are two types of farm passes, namely:

  • Every player has access to a free farm pass. There are various prizes that players can get in this free type. Examples of these rewards include: XP points, land expansion materials, coins, and so on.
  • Full farm pass. Well, this one can be obtained if the player makes a purchase. The price is 79 thousand Rupiah on Android. Players can make purchases and will get access farm pass hay day. Compared to the free one, the paid one offers far more and complete prizes. Examples of prizes and benefits that can be obtained for example: more production facilities/buildings (extra slots), extra help for trucks, extra help for ships on Hay Day, diamond prizes, additional prizes for land expansion/building upgrades, additional bonuses for in-game prize spins, and more.

Of course, each player can get different prizes, depending on their level of play. In order to access farm passHay Day players must have reached level 11 first.

How to Use Hay Day Farm Pass

To access and use the farm pass, players must first reach level 11. Later players will be given a series of activities to do. Examples of such activities include:

  • complete orders on trucks,
  • growing and harvesting certain crops,
  • complete certain tasks/missions,
  • produce certain items/items in the game,
  • and much more.

Later, for every achievement made by the player, the player will get a prize.

In short, you can use farm pass to get more rewards in Hay Day game. These rewards can be used to speed up leveling up, increase the production capacity of in-game items, enlarge the city, and much more. If used properly and optimally, farm pass can provide many advantages for players.
game Hay Day

Another advantage is that players can get a lot of items upgrade at a lower price. Instead of having to pay a number of diamonds, with prizes from farm pass, Hay Day players can actually get many upgrade items for free. So it can help you to be more efficient in playing the game Hay Day.

How to Buy a Farm Pass on Hay Day

To buy a farm pass, players can buy directly from the Hay Day game. Here’s how to buy it.

  1. Entered into diamond shop in the game Hay Day.
  2. Usually farm pass offers are in the section offers (special offer). If you have found it, click the purchase button.
    buy farm pass
  3. Then you can immediately make purchases and payments. If you play Hay Day on iOS, then you can pay through the App Store. Meanwhile, if you play on Android, you can pay via Google Play.
  4. Just select the payment method to be used. For example, if you play on iOS, you can pay using your Apple ID balance/other payment methods in the Play Store. Meanwhile, if you are going to top up using Google Play, then you can pay using various payment methods on the Play Store. Including you can also use Google Play vouchers to top up balance on Google Play. You can also buy Google Play vouchers directly on UniPin.
  5. At this point, immediately make a payment using the payment method you choose. If the payment is successful, you will immediately get access farm pass Hay Day that you can immediately maximize.

Tips for Using Hay Day Farm Pass

Here are some tips that you can use to maximize the use of farm passes.

  • Log in every day and play Hay Day games regularly. Do all the tasks / activities that must be done daily in the game. This is so that you can get rewards existing one more quickly.
  • Start by doing the easy tasks/missions first. So that progress can be collected quickly and you can immediately get a reward.
  • Focus on finishing season goalsso you can get more prizes.
  • Take advantage farm pass to earn excellent rewards, such as items to upgrade your farm. In addition, try to also get a lot of items for the expansion of agricultural land. This will help you to level up faster.
  • Also take advantage of all the benefits you can get from farm passsuch as bonuses for prize spins, bonuses (extra) assistance for loading ships, bonus assistance for completing orders on trucks, and so on.

So, those are various tips and reviews about the farm pass in the Hay Day game. If you want to top up Android and iOS games in a practical way, you can also take advantage of the features flash top up games that are on yes.
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