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Harith Mobile Legend, The Agile Who Has Pain Damage

After officially becoming one of the heroes in the Mobile Legend game, Harith is almost always the main choice for hero mage users. No wonder, this hero has skills which is very cool and is included in the category of heroes that can be played in mode solo ranked. Not only that Harith Mobile Legend always be a mainstay player at the top level because skills his which is arguably lethal which makes him a feared hero mage.

One of skills what Harith has is Chrono Dash which is said to be able to chase opponents to death or be used to run away when HP is running low and dying. In terms of combos, skills Harith’s combo is very deadly, you know! When he brings out the ability ultimate-On the other hand, opponents who are in combat distance will find it very difficult to dodge and fight. This hero will do spam skills level 1 and 2 to kill the opponent.

Emblem, Spell, Skill, and Counter Hero Harith Mobile Legend

Every hero certainly has advantages and disadvantages, yes, this is why it takes the right synergy when you fight. Like Harith’s hero, who has the advantage of burst damage big because of the combination of skills passive, ultimateand cooldown which are owned. This hero also has high mobility and defense.

However, despite all its advantages, Harith Mobile Legend highly dependent on which energy to spam skills. Then, this one hero is also very vulnerable to the effects of crowd control. Finally, playing this hero requires practice because many new Mobile Legend players are confused about using Harith’s hero.

Well, if we talk about Harith emblemthere are two types that you can use for this hero, namely custom mage emblem set and common magic emblem set. When at level 60, custom mage set will offer many bonuses, including:

  • Addition magic penetration as much as 13.50.
  • Addition magic power of 17.00.
  • Addition cooldown of 5.00.
  • Additional movement speed up to 2.00%

Another emblem, namely common magic set will offer no less bonuses when you are at level 60, namely:

  • Strength magic an additional 14.00.
  • Cooldown reduction an additional 2.00%.
  • Additional HP by 267.
  • Addition where by 180.00
  • Additional HP regen of 18.00.

You need to know that the hero mage can be in any position, including hero exp gold, and mid lane. So, if you choose Harith’s hero to act as hypercore, battle spells highly recommended to use is Retribution because it can be used to buy various jungle items.

Items as Immortality or Feather of Heaven can you replace it with Beast Killer items. Then, battle spells another alternative that you can use when using a hero Harith Mobile Legend is Purify. Spell this can free Harith from all negative impacts that attack him.

Another important aspect that you need to know about Harith’s hero is skills-his. This hero has skills passive, skills levels 1, 2, and 3. Here’s the full review:

  • Passive Skill – Key Insight. Hero Harith gains knowledge from key which he has. It will immediately reduce CC time by 45% (depending on how many enemy heroes are in the vicinity).
  • Skill 1 – Synchro Fission. Harith will form a shadow of himself in the opposite direction and release this level 1 ability. When 2 Harith heroes join, damage given will be so powerful for enemies who are close to him.
  • Skill 2 – Chrono Dash. When using skills this, hero Harith will use dash to the target and steal quickly magic attack nearby enemy heroes.
  • Skill 3 – Age of Force. When he wanted to use this level 3 ability, Harith would use key When it appears multidimensional rift, there will be a decrease cooldown from dash up to 4 seconds. Rift itself will have an effect slow on enemies up to 35% for some time.

Super super, huh, this Harith hero? However, don’t worry. There are some counter Harith hero who had the ability no less painful to defeat Harith. Anyone?

  • Yu Zhong. This fighting hero has skills HP regeneration. Then, skills the passive he has will make a contribution speed movement and spell vamp up to 20%. In fact, Yu Zhong will become so agile once he wears it ultimate skills hers, Black Dragon Form.
  • A strong hero who has thick HP and can give physical nor magic damage because skills passive. Then, ability ultimateit can also be used dash.
  • Not only Yu Zhong, Aldous can also be another fighter hero who has the ability to fight Harith. If we talk about late game, This one hero can be said to be very overpowered. Skills his combo can kill Harith very easily, you know!
  • The type of assassin hero who can crush Harith’s hero quite easily when he is in a one-on-one duel. Ability ultimateso skills most importantly, can attack the opponent in just three consecutive attacks.
  • Lunox Abilities, original chaos and starlight pulse it will definitely be very easy to beat Harith’s hero. Not only Harith, this one hero can also very easily crush all mage-type heroes in the Mobile Legends game.

Surely the game will be more exciting and thrilling if you have one Harith Mobile Legend, yes! His super agile character with skills who can give damage This pain will make you able to win easily. If you don’t have Harith, you can buy this hero using Diamonds. Don’t be confused if your Diamonds are not enough to buy Harith because you can top up in UniPin. Not only MLBB, you can too top up vouchers another game on UniPin, you know!

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