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Get to know Masha in Mobile Legend, the Bear Man with Three Lives

Once again, Moonton released a fighter hero that is quite unique when compared to other heroes of the same type. Is Masha Mobile Legend, a hero with a unique regeneration that can be said to be very capable. This hero has three HP bars at once, so he can immediately refill his HP without the need to go back base.

Not only that, Masha’s hero also has many advantages. One of them can kill lord or turtlecould be faster push turretand can do farming. When you play it until late game, Masha can be a hero who really dominates. This is because he has damage which is fairly high, especially with speed attack the big one.

Another advantage that Masha’s hero has is that her resistance is fairly strong for a fighter character, her great regeneration ability that makes Masha difficult to beat, can be used as an impromptu Mage hero, can be a very strong hero in one-on-one battles. Meanwhile, the drawback that this hero has is that you will have a little trouble when you want to use it skills level 2 hero Masha, there are difficulties when using Masha’s hero and make sure it is safe, and the important thing to remember, Masha’s hero is relatively weak against Marksman type heroes with burst damage the big one.

Emblems, Spells, Skills, and Counter Hero Masha Mobile Legend

Masha's Emblem

Before using this hero, of course you have to know what the hell first Masha emblem, spell the best that can be used, skills owned, and counter hero that can be used to defeat Masha. Come on, come on!

When it comes to emblems, there are two types that you can use, namely custom assassin and custom fighter. When using the emblem custom assassins, you will get interesting bonuses when you are at level 60, namely:

  • Physical penetration is 13.50.
  • Physical attack by 15.
  • Crit chance an additional 3.50%.
  • Cooldown reduction an additional 5.00%.
  • Movement speed increased by 2%.

Meanwhile, the emblem custom fighter Of course it will also provide many bonuses when you reach level 60, including:

  • Physical attack increased by 16.00.
  • Items armor increased by 8.00.
  • Immunity to attacks magic increased by 8.00.
  • Addition physical penetration as much as 5.00.
  • Additional HP as much as 273.

Furthermore, spell Masha’s best in the Mobile Legend game is arrival and execute. Spell assassin will allow Masha Mobile Legend teleport to bases, turrets, or minions in a team after successfully doing channeling for about 3 seconds. Spell this also allows Masha to obtain movement speed as much as 30% and can be reduced in just 3 seconds.

The next basic attack will give around 100 (+10* hero level) additional true damage which causes the effect slow 45% on enemies for about 1 second. If channeling having trouble, cooldown so reduced by about 30 seconds.

While for spell activateMasha will give as much as 200 (+20* hero level) plus 10% HP true damage lost to the target enemy. This one damage can be said to be immune to shield. If the target manages to lose because skills this, cooldown so reduced to 40%.

Then, Masha’s own abilities consist of passive abilities, level 1 to level 4. The description of each level is as follows.

Passive Skill – Ancient Strength

Hero Masha obtained this ability from Bear King and has a HP bar of 3 (three). Every time Masha loses 1 bar of her HP, she can withstand damage one time. Then, Masha will die after her last HP bar is gone. Each hero Masha loses HP by 1%, her attack speed will increase by 1% based on the amount of HP from the HP bar she has. Then, this hero also gets physical lifesteal by 25% when the first HP bar is gone. When his second HP bar is gone, time crit chance The gain will be reduced by 60%.

Level 1 – Wild Power

When Masha activates her level 1 ability, her attack speed will increase by 25%. This will simultaneously make his basic attack account for 40 plus 3% of the target’s max HP as physical damage. However, when skills this works, as much as 2% of Masha’s hero HP will be lost for every second.

Level 2 – Howl Shock

Entering level 2, the hero Masha Mobile Legend will show shock energy on the enemy. Skills this contributed as much as 200 (+100% total physical attack) physical damage at the same time will give effect slow up to 40%. This effect will last for about 2 seconds. If the attack hits the enemy hero, Masha can have an effect disarmed for about 2 seconds.

Level 3 – Thunderclap

When using her level 3 ability, Masha will issue a powerful attack even if she has to lose her HP by 30%. When approaching the target, Masha will release thunderclap and give damage physique equal to 15% (+100% total physical attack) of maximum HP and take effect slow on enemies up to 90% for about 1 second.

Having three lives, Masha must be hard to beat, huh? However, it turns out that you can use the following heroes to do this: counter or beat Masha Mobile Legend:

  • Is a mage assassin type hero who has crowd control stun which can be said to be annoying because it can make enemies stun for about 2 seconds. This ability allows Selena to easily beat Masha because she has damage the big one.
  • Aurora. It seems, the ability of the hero Aurora in defeating Masha is no longer new news. This hero mage can freeze Masha and defeat her quickly with damage which he has. Not only that, Aurora also has the ability attack A large AoE that can freeze 5 enemy heroes using only one
  • Become a hero who can be said to be capable enough to beat Masha because of her abilities ultimate-that can attract opponents. Besides that, burst damage this hero is also great.
  • Is a strong assassin hero in one-on-one situations against heroes who have basic attacks like Masha has skills which makes him immune to the attack.
  • Damagehis lethal force can immediately paralyze Masha’s hero.

Come on, complete your hero collection by having Masha Mobile Legend. Buy with Diamond only, top up directly on UniPinyes!

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