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Haikyuu Timeskip Finally Shows How Nishinoya Fate

Since the Haikyuu manga timeskip, many things have changed for the members of the Karasuno team. Besides Kageyama, who has become a core player for the Japanese national team, there are also many members of the Karasuno volleyball club who no longer have a career in the professional volleyball world.

Hinata, who returned to Japan after spending two years seeking experience in Brazil, finally joined the MSBY Black Jackals team, along with Miya and Bokuto. The match between himself and Kageyama who joined Schweiden Adlers continued Hinata’s “revenge” mission, which was held back because it turned out that both of them had entered Karasuno.

Fans are also curious about the fate of one of Karasuno’s members, the libero Nishinoya. And it seems that chapter 386 answered fans’ curiosity by showing how Nishinoya is now.


As Asahi explained, he texted Nishinoya that they would all be watching the Kageyama vs Hinata match as well as reuniting his fellow members of the Karasuno volleyball team. And the ex-libero instead sent him a picture of himself with a big catch of Marlin.

Asahi reminisces about their conversation before leaving high school, Nishinoya reveals that his plans for the future are to save money and travel around the world and do all sorts of new things. By looking at the appearance in this chapter, it can be said that Nishinoya’s big dream has indeed been achieved.

So what about your opinion? Do you think the “future” dreamed up by the libero is indeed the right one?

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