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Gwent Guide: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Gwent is an online strategy card game released by the popular franchise, The Witcher. Because of success The Witcher, Gwent also rose to fame among gamers. Unlike similar games, Gwent really relies on skill and tricks to defeat the enemy. So, there’s no such thing as winning by luck, much less thanks to RNG (Random Number Generator).

For those of you who are just starting Gwent for the first time, there are many things that must be considered at the beginning of the game. Fortunately, unlike what it seems, this game tends to be easy to play, lo. As long as you follow Gwen guide perfect for the following beginners!

List deck in Gwent

gwent deck list

Of course, register deck should not be missed to be discussed in Gwen guide. Here are various deck base by faction:

1. Northern Realms

deck it consists of mages, knights, and warriors. Northern Realms has a special type of card, namely Warfare. One mechanism that makes this faction different from the others is Charge. Not only having a good balance, Northern Realms also benefited from the interaction between machines and cards which excelled in exploiting reinforcements.

2. Monsters

Monsters are a mandatory faction in Gwen guide. Even though the interaction is weakest, this faction has skills most brutal. deck Monsters are composed of creatures of different categories, such as vampires, beastand ogroid.

3. Nilfgaardian Empire

Similar to the Northern Realms, this faction was composed of aristocratic factions. The Nilfgaardian Empire uses both the engine and the Tactical cards thanks to the strong interaction between units. This faction has Assimilate as a specific keyword.

4. Scoia’tael

Scoia’tael consists of elf, ent, dryad, beast, and dwarves. In Gwent deck list In this case, there are 37 cards. Simply put, this faction doesn’t focus on a single high-scoring card, but instead requires unit creation strategies and a collection of reinforcements. Scoia’tael has specific keywords, namely Symbiosis and Harmony, and Nature as a special card type.

5. Skellige

This faction is filled by priests, beast, and pirates. According to the story in the game, they are the rulers of the ocean who have formidable ships. Skellige’s special card types are Alchemy and Raids. This faction benefits from damagein both friend and foe units.

deck Best for Beginners

best gwent deck

In Gwen guide this time, we will present brief information about best Gwent deck for beginners. Anything? Read more below.

1. Northern Realms

Northern Realms are masters of planning. For those who rely on the ability of units to dominate rounds for a long time, this faction is suitable to play. Here are the advantages of deck Northern Realms:

  • Have a machine that is able to dominate the number of enemy units.
  • The number of units increases with release damage.
  • Lots of easy-to-combine scratch cards.

2. Nilfgaardian Empire

deck It is very flexible and capable of locking threatening enemy units. The Nilfgaardian Empire has many versatile warrior options. You can access attack units and reconnaissance units at the same time to strengthen deck. Here are the advantages of the Nilfgaardian Empire:

  • Good for fooling enemies.
  • Many units in deck who have the ability to work together.
  • Strengthen units while locking enemies in one go.

3. Scoia’tael

This non-human nation is very good at harmonization and is able to outperform the human race. Scoia’tael reliably maneuvers on the battlefield. Here are the advantages of deck this:

  • Got a bit of a complex unit.
  • Own skills which is good at deciphering and locking enemies.
  • All units can provide buff each other with skills

4. Skellige

This faction contains a group of rebels capable of producing damage big. Giant Boar became the ace of Skellige. Here are the advantages deck this:

  • Does not require much strategic consideration.
  • Damage be the main road to victory.
  • Contains units that are tough to give or hold damage.

5. Monsters

That said, Monsters are deck Easiest for beginners to control. Here are the advantages of this faction:

  • Units are able to build strength quickly.
  • Easy to assemble units on the battlefield alias swarming.
  • Unit deaths are an advantage for the Monsters faction.

Ranked Mode in Gwent

tier Gwen Rank consists of 30 steps, ranging from Rank 30 to Rank 1. After completing the last mosaic (Rank 1), you will be promoted to Pro Rank (Rank 0). To show progress, players in this mode will be rewarded with a new mosaic each time they rank up.

Then, a Ranked season in Gwent usually lasts a month. At the end of each season, CDPR (CD Projekt Red) will award Reward Points (RP) for each level:

  • Pro Rank (25 RP)
  • Ranks 1–7 (15 RP)
  • Ranks 8–14 (10 RP)
  • Ranks 15–25 (7 RP)
  • Ranks 26–30 (5 RP)

In addition, if you reach the Top 200 on the Pro Rank Leaderboard, you have the opportunity to earn Crown Points. These points are added every season. Then, based on Crown Points, CDPR will look for selected players to invite to various eventssuch as Gwent Master, Open, and Challenger.

Download Themed Wallpapers deck Gwent for Your Device!

Not only does it offer thrilling strategy games, Gwent also offers artwork high quality. You can download gathering Gwent deck wallpaper high resolution via the game’s official website. Mention of them are deck Master of Mirror, Iron Judgment, Novigrad, Crimson Curse, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, to Gwent Challenger.

Wallpapers Gwent is suitable for all types of devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets. Choose the size that suits your device, for example, 1600×900, 1600×1200, 1920×1080, and 1920×1200.

So much discussion Gwen guide this time, starting from the deck list, the best deck selection, to the Ranked mode. For fans of strategy games and card games, Gwent offers a fresh and different feel—not just a game that imitates its competitors. With a captivating theme song, fantastic animations and fun and challenging gameplay, everyone will want to give this game a try right away.

Interested in trying the fun of Gwent? Download immediately on your device, whether PC, iOS, or Android!

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